Which Is Better High Chair or Booster?

High Chairs

High Chairs for kids


High chairs give your baby enough space so that they can move their arms to get to their food. They also are very sturdy and well balanced so that when your baby does move around they will not tip the chair, or fall out.

High chairs are much easier to clean when it comes to a messy dinner, the tray can go close up to your baby so that no food goes into the seat, and when you’re ready to clean just remove the tray.

Most of the time high chairs have an adjustable height so that it can match up with your table and your baby will feel part of the conversation. Which in the end will also help your Childs development.


Although they come in handy when your eating they are harder to put away because they do take up more space. When putting them away they are heavy and can be hard to move.

Compared to a booster seat high chairs are more expensive. If you are traveling or going outside for a bonfire it will be very hard to take it anywhere because it does not fold up.

Booster Seats

Booster Seat


Booster seats are very convenient when it comes to moving them, whether moving them from the chair to the floor and is very easy. They cost much less than a high chair and are easy to store when dinner is over. Booster seats are also very easy to pack if you are going on a family vacation or going camping.

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If they are not strapped down correctly they are very unstable and could easily tip over. They do have many more spots that need to be cleaned before it can be put up compared to a high chair. Booster seats only come in plastic material which can be very slippery.

In conclusion, I do believe that each parent will have their own preference on which chair would best suit their family and their child.

When choosing one or the other there are a lot of things to consider not only the way the chair works but also the different brands of chairs there are. If you as a parent feel uncomfortable with one of them then try the other and see how you like the other better.

Sometimes it does taking a lot of testing before you know for sure which one is best for you.




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