What Age Do You Get Rid of Baby Gates?

Babies are precious gems in our homes. But when they start crawling or walking, it’s high time you put some baby gates to restrict their movements.

In a nutshell, Baby gates are lifesavers. They prevent your toddler from gaining to unwanted places such as the stairs, swimming pools, and backyards, among other openings.

However, at some point in time, the baby gates should be removed to free the child. Nonetheless, certain factors can be used to determine whether or not you still need the gates.

Age limits

In most cases, the baby gates are often designed for children between six months to two years. Usually, babies start crawling at about six months of age. During this time, they can get to unwanted places such as the stairs causing potential risks to their health. As a responsible parent or guardian, it is always wise to contain his or her movement using the gates. Likewise, after two years, the babies become strong enough to climb over the gates on their own.

Furthermore, as they grow older, the child will learn how to open the gates. Therefore, in such situations, the gates become unreliable or cause unnecessary accidents. It is, therefore, advised that the gates be removed when they reach this age. Generally, as a golden rule of thumb, the baby gates should be removed hen the young one is about two years of age.

What happens after removing the gates?

Once the gates have been removed, you then need to start training your child to live without the gates. Babies learn more quickly; therefore, as a responsible and proactive parent/guardian, you need to teach him or her how to use the stairs properly. Don’t just assume that they will be perfect. Instead, take your time and watch their progress until you become certain.

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Other gate uses

If you invested in a high-quality baby gate, don’t worry about it. The best thing is to keep them in a safe place just for the next baby if at all, he/she comes along. Alternatively, you can also sell the gate to a friend or relative. Last but not least, you can also use the gate to contain pets such as dogs from harming themselves or going to unwanted places.

It is important to note that baby gates are not substituting for adult supervision. Therefore, you need to be responsible enough to take good care of your child regardless of the gate being there or not. What’s more, when restricting your child from the stairs, it is advisable to use hardware-mounted gates. However, at the bottom of the stairs, the pressure mounted gates serve the best. Remember, little children, are prone to accidents. But with gates, certain accidents can be properly be avoided.




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