Understanding White Stretch Marks: Causes and Treatment

What are White Stretch Marks?

White stretch mark develops due to quick growth when tissues under the skin get stretched beyond a limit. Stretch marks can come in various colors like white, purplish or red. Once the skin starts segregating, collagen moves to fill the minute cracks in it. Collagen links tissues of the skin. In the beginning, these lines are purple or red. They start fading over a period of time and become silver or white in color. White stretch mark is primarily a split in the skin. On becoming white, these are in the restoration stage. Once the skin gets distended a lot, fiber under the skin gets damaged. Though difficult, it is feasible to carry out necessary repairs. The problem starts with lines becoming purplish or red because of very fast stretching of the skin. Gradually they turn into the white stretch marks as the skin starts healing itself.

 Understanding White Stretch Mark

How to Clear White Stretch Marks?

It is generally believed that once these marks are silvery or white these cannot be eradicated. But the overall appearance of the white stretch mark can still be reduced. This can be done by microdermabrasion or laser removal of stretch marks. These treatments fade the appearance of white stretch mark. But there cannot be 100% surety. It would be appropriate to combine one of the treatments for the white stretch mark with a good quality natural cream and healthy lifestyle for getting rid of these.

What Cause White Stretch Marks?

The main cause of this problem is quick weight gain because of bodybuilding and pregnancy. So bodybuilding efforts should be made to build muscles gradually. This would prevent forming of streaks. It is not possible to do so in the case of pregnancy. In such a case the treatment should commence early. Various creams aim at preventing white stretch mark or reducing their appearance. Natural creams are preferred because of their powerful ingredients which are absorbed by the body easily. They have no side effects. Though they may not be able to eradicate silvery or white lines fully, they can certainly reduce the appearance. It is advisable to use natural creams for treating white stretch mark and other stretch marks. It is more difficult to deal with purple and red scars than white scars. When marks have turned white on healing, removing these will be a painful process.

White stretch mark can come about in both men and women. In fact, puberty is also one common cause for forming these marks due to the sudden upsurge of hormones in the body. Laser and microdermabrasion certainly provide the best treatment for the white stretch mark but are a very expensive treatment. In case you desire cheaper treatment, you may use castor oil. The skin should be massaged for fifteen minutes. Heat should be applied using a heating pad or hot water bottle.

It is essential to apply anti-stretch mark cream or lotions daily before putting on clothes. The stretch mark lotion should be applied in the morning and also before going to bed. Drink enough water and exercise regularly. Eat food having vitamin E. You may consult a nutritionist for suggesting a balanced diet. If the above instructions are followed, it will help in reducing the white stretch mark on the body.


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