How to Get Rid of Red Stretch Marks Fast Naturally Step by Step

What causes red stretch marks: Understanding the Occurrence of Red Stretch Marks

For women who are quite conscious about their overall beauty can be deeply disturbed with the presence of red stretch marks. In today’s fashion conscious world it becomes very difficult to wear any revealing outfit with these stretch marks being visible from odd places. What causes these red stretch marks and is there any permanent solution to them? These stretch marks are basically skin pigmentation and occur when the connective tissue of the skin breaks due to being stretched beyond the maximum limit and stay back on the skin’s surface.


Red stretch marks can be caused due to various reasons like pregnancy and puberty mainly due to the sudden hormonal change in the body. It is ideal to prevent them as once they occur it is next to impossible to do away with them completely. Most treatments can only diminish the overall prominence of the stretch mark but cannot eradicate them from the skin completely. To prevent red stretch marks on your skin the topmost priority should be on keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, supple and elastic.


Boys too can get these red stretch marks during puberty on their thighs, hands, stomach, and arms. Apart from the known causes, these stretch marks can also be caused when due to some medical condition or medications like steroids, etc a hormone called Glucocorticoids increases in the body. This hormone weakens the skin’s connective tissue and causes breakage giving rise to red stretch marks.


Though medically no threat, red stretch marks are a nuisance because they look so hideous. Apart from the color red, these stretch marks can also be white and purple. The difference is not much; it’s the old red and purple stretch marks that finally become white as time goes by. When the skin is stretched beyond its maximum permissible limit gaps occur between the connective tissue where collagen starts to deposit in order to prevent further damage to the skin. This deposit starts to appear in the form of purple or red stretch marks and gradually they become whitish in appearance.


Purple and red stretch marks are fresh stretch marks and can still be rectified to a large extent by using specific stretch marks creams and lotions. However, treating white stretch marks is next to impossible. At most, they can be diminished slightly so that they match the skin tone comparatively. Micro-dermabrasion can prove to be effective for curing red stretch marks as this treatment removes the superficial layer of the skin and brings to surface the next layer of the skin that would have lesser stretch marks. This is not as good as laser treatment and is quite expensive too.


Alternatively, regular usage of topical stretch marks creams and lotions can be quite effective in lightening the existing red stretch marks and keeping away the new ones from developing. When looking for an ideal stretch marks cream look for one that is rich in collagen, elastin and vitamin D&E as only then would the product be effective in tackling red stretch marks.

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