The Effectiveness of Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

Stretched skin marks are a nuisance to most women who wish to get rid of them in the quickest way possible. Some women get stretched skin marks for hereditary reasons so they cannot basically get rid of any even with the application of stretch mark lotion and stretch mark oil or avoid it with stretch mark pregnancy cream. This is why stretch mark laser treatment is useful in these cases, but this form of treatment may not entirely erase the stretch marks but reduce its visibility. Stretch mark laser treatment can however reduce the depth of those skin marks to make them more invisible in appearance. It is effective in making skin mark disappear because it increases the production of collagen through the rejuvenation of dead cells on the layer of skin called dermis.

 The Effectiveness of Stretch Mark Laser Treatment


Stretch mark laser treatment is very simple and most effective. This is because it relies on a laser beam to make for example inner thigh stretch marks vanish. The light beam is directed at the skin on the surface to make them disappear and then slowly heal stretched skin marks. Thus the treatment is a short one it can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour based on how severe the skid marks are. The stretch mark laser treatment requires up to six sessions or more.

Laser surgery or stretch mark laser treatment is usually very effective when it comes to fresh red stretch marks because it is good with newly formed ones. However, it can still remove old faded white stretch mark or scars but not as easily. Laser treatment is not considered the main option for completely erasing stretched skin marks because it is only 20-50% successful. The laser treatment costs about $400- $1,500 for each session depending on the type of stretch marks laser treatment you undergo.


There is the Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy which emits one single light beam on the stretch marks which penetrates the dermis to cure them. Another type of stretch mark laser treatment is Flaxer Laser surgery treatment and is much less damaging than Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy. Flaxer Laser surgery treatment makes skin firmer and so is better as laser surgery alternative. Last is the type of stretch mark laser treatment is Excimer laser treatment which does not promote the growth of collagen or even causes the skin to become elastic and thus works best for removing old stretch marks.

Despite being simple effective and safe, laser stretch mark plastic surgery has numerous side effects. Stretch mark laser treatment, to begin with, is not entirely effective and can cause harmful adverse effects when it goes wrong. It can permanent scarring if the tissue is damaged during the process and in addition, it can cause nausea and swelling of the stretched skin marks which may turn pick due to excessive laser treatment. Thus it is not advisable to undergo the surgery or laser removal of stretch marks if the marks are not very visible. The symptoms however that appear after the treatment may disappear with time so it is entirely up to the individual whether to undergo stretch mark laser treatment.

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