How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Fast and Naturally

Why the reasons at first? First, you need to understand how it emerged in order to comprehend how to get rid of stretch mark. It can result from pregnancy, abnormal weight gain, or the reaching of puberty or heavy bodybuilding. The skin stretch mark happen because skin which is made of fiber has overstretched rapidly due to weak collagen thus it breaks and blood vessels disrupt leaving red marks and as it matures it turns white since it has become older and is no longer bleeding. These skin marks are usually starker than the surrounding skin since they are formed due to the absence of elasticity but how to get rid of the stretch mark can be quite a hassle. In some cases, the problem of how to get rid of stretch mark becomes quite a burden and does not disappear soon enough.


Stretched skin marks happen differently to different people and sexes and can be prevented. However, if those are unpreventable then stretch mark lotion, creams and surgical procedures or herbal treatment (for example bio oil for stretch marks) should be considered when you look for ways on how to get rid of stretch mark. It is not easy to get rid of them because they are usually a result of damaged skin and the resulting scars. And once the mark is made then how to get rid of stretch mark is easier said than done. You need to apply different products on the affected area for long periods to see results. Don’t get obsessed with how to get rid of the stretch mark as although those are quite unattractive they are not cancerous.


Stretch marks and dieting?

Stretched skin and red stretch marks result as a spurt of growth, or yo-yo dieting. The changes that take place in the body cause the skin to overstretch and becomes less supply due to low elasticity because of a hormone excreted to prevent fibroblast from forming on the skin. This is unfortunate because many young people do not know the cause of the stretched skin or how to get rid of stretch mark. It usually occurs in young people hitting puberty because they undergo rapid growth which may result in weight gain or loss depending on how they react to changes in their hormones. How to get rid of stretch mark is easier to tackle once you know what caused it.

In addition men or women that experience rapid weight gain or have any form of skin disease that leads to the release of corticosteroid have stretch marks. Tretinoin creams are good as a solution for how to get rid of the stretch mark as they increase the growth of connective tissue and repair of skin through the release of Vitamin A.


Stretch marks and athletes

Athletes also experience changes in their bodies which can cause stretcavoiding and handling bodybuilding stretch marks 300x267 hed skin and marks to appear on hips, or buttocks due to excessive release of glucocorticoids, a hormone that causes the skin to become less elastic which in turn causes the skin to pull and tear thus stretch marks appear on either one of those parts for women and athletes. This is why women athletes need to understand how to get rid of stretch mark because they look unsightly.

Men athletes usually have stretched skin marks on their shoulders or underarms where muscles develop quickly or in areas where hormones are quickly formed. There are different reactions to muscle building in different men and so according to the case, any form of treatment can be used before you find how to get rid of stretch mark. Rejuvenate is an effective cream can be an effective treatment for stretch mark for men.


How to get rid of the stretch mark in men

Men on the other hand undergo body changes primarily due to weight-gain (weight loss stretch marks) or excessive body-building or weight lifting and so as a result bodybuilding stretch marks and form in certain overstretched parts due to too much weight lifting or excessive usage of low potency steroids for body-building which can be taken orally and hence cause the skin marks to appear due to rapid muscle mass growth and they will also need to find out how to get rid of stretch mark.


What about women and pregnancy?

Stretch marks during pregnancy occur in preventing stretch mark pregnancy problem 214x300 pregnant women who undergo body changes in this crucial period. They appear on their lower abdomen or thighs or hips and anywhere that undergoes changes and is usually red in color due to the lack of collagen in the skin which causes many blood vessels to rupture. Pregnant women usually need to know how to get rid of the stretch mark as they are irritating to the skin and leave them with an itchy skin sensation. The reason tummy and breast stretch marks appear in a most pregnant woman is that their body is undergoing rapid weight loss or gain and in order to maintain it, some body parts may stretch. They also need to understand how to get rid of the stretch mark as they may sometimes suffer from complex post delivery and feel unattractive. Stretched skin can also be hereditary in nature. This is why you may need to know how to get rid of the stretch mark in order to appear more youthful. When looking for ways to handle stretch marks, you can try medications as well as home remedies.

Get rid of stretch marks and finalize the solution

All those with stretch marks whether they are men or women need to find how to get rid of stretch mark and finalize a good solution once they have discovered how the stretched skin mark has come about. Stretch marks can be prevented before they occur if women use stretch mark pregnancy cream or lotions on their skin or suspected areas during pregnancy or if both women and men maintain a healthy diet before or during puberty and during bodybuilding to prevent stretch mark. However, if it occurs they need to know how to get rid of the stretch mark for whichever reason they might have such as being very unattractive or just plain itchy. How to get rid of stretch mark comes only when those marks have come, so if you have managed to prevent them then it is like icing on the cake and it saves you from a lot of hassle.


Variance in stretch marks treatment from one person to another

When you look for ways on how to get rid of the stretch mark there are varied options for reducing or completely eliminating skin marks before or after they occur. How to get rid of stretch mark varies with the individuals’ preference and precise need and situation. So it is imperative that they understand how to get rid of stretch mark. Body lotions with cocoa are quite effective a solution for how to get rid of skin marks.

These how to get rid of stretch mark methods are good at reducing itchiness and redness as well as swelling of such stretched skin marks since they rely on cocoa butter to help prevent the over-stretching of skin or to make the skin more elastic through maintaining its suppleness which is both good ways for getting rid of stretch marks. These how to get rid of stretch mark lotions may sometimes pass certain harmful substances to the baby during pregnancy or cause allergy in some women and so a doctor should be consulted before adopting any method for how to get rid of a stretch mark. Alternative methods of preventing stretch skin mark basically treat using Vitamin A, E & C and advice staying hydrated which help boost skin elasticity preventing the stretch mark beforehand.


Consulting a dermatologist for appropriate treatment

All aforementioned how to get rid of stretch mark methods have one thing in common they help prevent stretch marks but do not completely eliminate them but are available to all categories of people and can be used by men or women. In order to know how to get rid of stretch mark, women or men should consult their dermatologist. They can either mask the stretched skin mark with make-up or resort to other products and even cosmetic surgical procedures.


The more expensive medical and surgical procedures

First, consult your doctor before adopting any medical procedure for how to get rid of stretch mark. Some people may be allergic to the products used too. It is up to women or men to choose how to get rid of stretch mark whether they desire to resort to laser treatments or stretch mark plastic surgery which may be very expensive and ineffective if not used during early stages of the appearance of such stretch marks but ultimately can be successful in stretch marks removal.

Medical procedures that require or do not need surgery that is suggested by doctors on how to get rid of the stretch mark are microdermabrasion and entomologist. Microdermabrasion removes the topmost surface of the skin through surgery or chemical means. Whereas, Endermologie focuses on massaging the skin through the use of rollers and gentle suctioning to help remove the stretch mark by circulation increase and toxins and water removal. Endermologie should also be accompanied by exfoliation treatment for better results.


Two other good methods for how to get rid of stretch mark are laser or cosmetic surgery the former relies on laser to eliminate the skid marks and the latter uses cosmetic means such as a mechanical or surgical means of eliminating the stretched skin mark through a surgical tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty which focuses on tucking the tummy or using extra fat or skin to hide the stretch mark but is astronomically costly and can only be afforded by a select few. Laser surgery, however, has a high stretch mark removal cost compared to lotion treatments and requires up to six sessions to be effective. This is however optional to those who wish to know how to get rid of the stretch mark since they can resort to other methods such as surgery.


Using Laser treatment

Laser removal of stretch marks, however, does improve the appearance of skin because the use of laser on a stretch mark can reduce it immensely as it focuses a direct beam of light on one certain area which excites cells in that area to reproduce elasticity in the skin and cause it to become stretchable. Laser treatment is not suitable with mature skin marks though because it is unable to detect colorless pigments. Though the questions are still there, how to get rid of the stretch mark using laser treatments? Is it safe? However, there have been recent laser treatments that focus on targeting white stretch marks, known as Fraxel Laser therapy which allow the skin to heal quickly and burns away white scars but is uncommon due to the long downtime for patients.


Creams and lotions available in the market

Interested in knowing how to get rid of the stretch mark with creams and lotions available in the market? Starting with the most common and prevention creams: Tretinoin cream and Retin-A cream help eliminate those marks when applied to fresh red stretch marks because it constricts the blood vessels. Other creams and lotions that perform the same action are Cocoa butter, Vic’s Vapor rub cream, Jojoba cream, Rosehip cream, Emu cream, Castor oil, Vitamin E gel, Shea butter, almond and coconut oil as well as Vitamin A, E, & C. How to get rid of stretch mark with these lotions need to be, however, applied on a daily basis and massaged into skin to improve circulation and reduce the chances of stretch mark or making it slightly disappear.

In addition to using creams, other natural remedies recommend in how to get rid of stretch mark guide books are exfoliating the skin, tanning and massaging the skin to increase circulation to bring back suppleness or even letting some time pass. Moreover, lotions are more effective in bringing back suppleness to the skin since they boost collagen growth through vitamins that help rejuvenate dead cells to re-grow but this may not banish skin marks since the redness may only fade to white stretch marks which will eventually come about through time.


Natural treatment

Stretch mark home remedy such as massage and exfoliation may be more effective than creams because creams and lotions may not be able to reach the entire depth of stretch marks. These methods can reach the entire depth because they help resurface the skin. stretch mark thigh and legs 187x300 This is one of the target methods suggested in how to get rid of stretch mark books especially if it is the result of weight gain since the excessive fat cells can be rejuvenated. Hence the combination of excessive massaging with exfoliation can bring about the removal of such fat cells since they are used with cream and lotions to act on the length and depth of the stretch mark which reduces it over time. How to get rid of the stretch mark with these treatments, use the same principle that laser and surgical treatments use which is sandblasting the top layer of skin in order to reach the lower cells and rejuvenate them to re-grow new cells.



Caution when adopting methods

Despite there being various treatments no one should be forced to undertake a treatment they do not wish and instead should be able to assess their own needs before undertaking any form of treatment. Dealing with zits or voice change is also hard enough and how to get rid of stretch mark is beyond these adolescents. Anyone of these treatments may be effective even lotions can prevent stretch marks by thinning out epidermis to reach the under skin and improve collagen growth and cause elasticity to make those marks disappear over time which is the reverse process of the formation of a stretched skin mark which is primarily a scar formed after some time has passed for a fresh wound.


No guarantee on products mark

However, there is no guarantee that natural methods of how to get rid of stretch mark or treatments may work or prevent them from spreading and there may be a need for trial before surgical or laser treatments are resorted to. Lotion may cause adverse effects in patients such as skin irritation and so early consultation with a dermatologist is important before the usage of such products. Ultimately, the decision on how to get rid of the stretch mark depends on the person’s specific needs and whether the stretch mark is visible enough or causing any skin irritation or other risk factors that warrant stretch mark removal.