How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Stomach Step by Step

Most people most especially women often wonder how to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach, the truth is that you’re not alone in your search of a perfect cure for this.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect cure for stretch marks. There are so many methods that you can consider using in treating your stretch marks.

You can choose whichever one best work for you, depending on your time and budget.

But before we go into details about how to get rid of stretch marks on your stomach, it is very important to know what stretch marks are.


What is stretch marks on the stomach?

Stretch marks are thin or longish strips of red or purple that develop on the skin. This is caused by the skin stretching excessively such that it breaks. The deficiency of the stretchy material in the skin called collagen is what causes stretch marks. Unfortunately once the underlying surface of the skin ruptures, there is no full cure for it. All treatments can offer is helping it heal or fade such that it changes colors into a grey or whitish color.


Causes of Stretchmarks on the Stomach

Stretch marks on the stomach can be due to one or more reasons. As there is no single cause of stretch marks. Some of these causes include

  • Pregnancy Stretchmarks on the Stomach; most women develop stretch marks on their stomach during and after the period of their pregnancy. This is due to the growth of the child which causes the skin of the stomach to stretch to the maximum in order to accommodate them. Women begin to develop stretch marks on their stomachs from the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. So if you’re a mother to be and you have noticed stretch marks on your body, do not panic there are ways by which you can rise above it
  • Weight Loss Stretchmarks on the Stomach: if you are choosing not to lose weight through the conventional way which is through exercises and you are reducing your intake of food and reducing your weight You could even have begun to eat healthily. As long as it is sudden, you might develop stretch marks. The loss of excess weight on your stomach and the other parts of the body my might draw the skin closer and even cause it to look old or develop wrinkles, the best way to lose weight is through a healthy life process and this encompasses eating healthy as well as moisturizing, exercises and avoiding chemical products.
  • Puberty Stretchmarks on the Stomach: a growing child, most likely in his/her teenage years might develop stretch marks on the stomach, this might seem like unlikeliest of things but it happens to a couple of teenagers going through puberty, mostly females. The body is stretching so the skin gotta accommodate it
  • Deficiency of Collagen Stretch Marks on Stomach: believe it or not, stretch marks on the stomach can also be caused by collagen deficiency, collagen is a type of protein that is produced by the body and found in the skin. This protein is what keeps the skin in place and encourages elasticity in the skin. So what happens when the boys are deficient of collagen? This causes the layers below the skin to be less resilient and rupture easily which births stretch marks.
  • Hereditary(Genetics) Stretch Marks on the Stomach: Stretch marks on the stomach can also be due to hereditary(genetics). If you have parents or grandparents’ who had stretch marks or stretch marks tendencies, you might develop stretch marks as a result


How to Avoid Stretchmarks on the Stomach?

Stretch marks on the stomach can be avoided, well not totally but you can take some active steps towards reducing your chances of developing them.

  • Stretch marks Prevention Creams:  If you know that you have higher chances of developing stretch marks because your parents had them. Or you feel it’s somehow in the family, you can make use of stretch marks prevention creams or oils. They help to increase or maintain the production of collagen in the skin. Use it often (up to 2 times daily) especially on your stomach and other sensitive areas. And your stretch marks might never see the light of day
  • Hydrate: this includes drinking as much water daily as well as using moisturizing lotions. You should take at least 10 cups of water per day. This will ensure that your body stays hydrated during the day. Also, choose a moisturizing lotion that is wispy light and will be able to penetrate the skin of your stomach very easily
  • Watch your diet: stay away from foods that are rich in flour or flour products and eat more of vegetables proteins and minerals
  • Bath with cold water once in a while to increase the blood circulation in your body system and tighten the pores of your skin. This helps reduce the chances of developing stretch marks
  • Exercise regularly: be sure to exercise at least 2-3 times weekly even if you’re not watching your weight, this will help keep the body fully active and free of blemishes


Remedies(Ways) for Stretchmarks on the Stomach

Once you have stretch marks appear on your stomach, they hardly ever disappear. Creams, oils, laser treatments and home remedies all hold some promise in helping you fade your stretch marks but that is all they do, fade it.

  • Micro-needling: this option is explored by triggering the production of collagen in the skin through poking of needles into the skin. Like most medical options, it carries a few medical risks so be sure to discuss your options with your doctor
  • Exfoliate often: exfoliating often helps to get rid of dead skin present on the body, this option is easy to manage as you only need to exfoliate about 2-3 times per week. You can choose to combine this with home remedies or make use of one of the lotion options available to you.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: this treatment option is one of the least recommended as most people do not like going under the knife and for good reasons. But if you feel it is something you can afford to do and you don’t mind. Consider discussing the best option for you with your doctor, if he/she recommends it, then you should totally go for it. You could do a tummy tuck.


Best Stretch mark creams:

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy: this cream is suitable for both men and women and can be applied to all parts of the body on which stretch marks develop.

  • It is dermatologically tested and guaranteed to produce active results within the first 4 weeks. The moisture of the lotion is locked in to ensure optimal treatments of all flaws on the skin especially stretch marks.
  • It contains a lot of plant extracts especially tested to deliver optimal results.
  • It is free of paraben and is suitable for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers



Apply the lotion overall body parts that you have stretch marks

Do this two times daily and wait each time till the lotion is fully incorporated

You will achieve optimal results with 6 months of use



Bio-oil: Bio-oil is suitable for getting rid of stretch marks on the stomach and the other body parts. It is suitable for dry skin and evens out the skin tone of the body. To get the best result,

  • you should apply to any affected skin and within a couple of weeks, you will begin to see results. Bio-oil is quite popular all over the world for its effectiveness in treating various skin conditions
  • To apply simply rub on all affected areas till it is fully incorporated into the skin, do this twice daily
  • Within 2 months you will begin to see visible results



Botrong Beauty and Personal Care: This lotion is effective for treating stretch marks and scars on the skin.. it is made up of all-natural ingredients an oils guaranteed to rid your body of all visible flaws and blemishes

Natural Remedies for Stretch marks on the stomach

To improve the look of stretch marks on your skin you can use

  • Turmeric and Sandalwood: this is one of the home remedies you can use in treating or fading the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.
  • Simply mix both powdered ingredients with any essential oil of choice and apply it to the stomach twice daily.
  • Leave for a couple of minutes so it can penetrate the skin properly.
  • After 10 minutes, wipe with a warm towel.
  • Within a short period of time, you will begin to notice results

Other home remedies you can use are lemon, aloe vera, and essential oils especially grape seed oil



Stretch marks on the stomach are one of the most common types of stretch marks in women. Using any of these treatments consistently, you will begin to see results within a couple of weeks. If you end up developing stretchmark despite preventive measure, do not fret, you just have to pick one of the above-mentioned options and return your skin to its flawless, former glory

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