How to Get Rid Stretch Marks on Shoulders from Working Out

Stretch marks on shoulders are a common problem. It’s a part of growing up for some people.

So many reasons can cause stretch marks on the shoulder; we will discuss a few of them all in a while.

These stretch marks are preventable in most of cases with few simple steps. However, some people are genetically prone to get stretch marks, and they can’t avoid them.

In these cases, there can be other ways of managing these marks.

What Stretch Marks on Shoulders Look Like:

Why do we get stretch marks on shoulders?

Stretch marks are the narrow bands or strips that form on the skin. These strips can be caused due to several reasons.

Stretch marks occur when the skin cells are stretched beyond their limit. Our skin has collagen that makes it’s elastic, allowing it to stretch.

Due to rapid weight gain or loss, collagen can’t keep up with the stretching, causing it to tear. These tears can be seen through the outer layer as stretch marks.

Stretch Marks are developed over time. They start as red or pink marks that are itchy. At this stage, these stretch marks are easy to treat.

You can prevent these marks from getting permanent by hydrating your skin and providing it with the essential nutrients that help it to restore its elasticity and tone.

If left untreated, these fresh, red stretch marks can turn into white and silver strips stretch marks on shoulders and other parts of the body and become not only difficult to treat, but permanent at times.

Stretch marks on the shoulder are also a sign of rapid weight gain and loss. These marks can also be formed with bodybuilding.


How can we prevent stretch marks on the shoulder

Stretch marks on the shoulder can easily be prevented. Bodybuilding and intensive workout can cause stretch marks on shoulders. [Check out: Banishing Bodybuilding Stretch Marks]

Here are a few tips for preventing stretch marks from forming.


Slow and steady weight loss

Instead of following an intensive program for weight loss, make small milestones and achieve them one by one. Rapid weight loss increases the chances of stretch mark formation on the skin. To prevent stretch marks, you should follow a routine that promotes slow and steady stretch marks.


Avoid Sudden Weight gain

Stretch marks are formed due to rapid mass gain that stretches the skin beyond its capacity. A very easy way to avoid stretch marks is to resist weight gain. Weight gain can be checked with following a healthy diet. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Take a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Avoid carbs and sugary items.
  • Include exercise in your daily routine.
  • Limit your calorie intake.

Some women consider weight gain in pregnancy very normal, which is actually correct, but even in pregnancy, you can’t take in everything. By following some simple diet habits, you can avoid gaining excessive weight that is not healthy at all.


Eat Well

What goes in, shows through. Your diet determines your overall health and skin is just another part of your body. Lack of nutrition will make your skin dry and rough. Dry and rough skin is more apt to tear and get stretch marks.

Some of the essential nutrients that can help your skin to glow are vitamin E, D, and Zinc. These ingredients enhance collagen production that keeps skin firm and soft. Fresh fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that play a vital role in our skin nourishment.


Moisturize your skin

Our skin needs not only a healthy diet but also moisture. Skin hydration is important in all weather conditions. The key to soft and supple skin is to moisturize it daily. Many skin-nourishing formulas in the market keep your skin well-hydrated.


How to Treat Stretch Marks on shoulders

Treating stretch marks is a bit difficult than preventing it. They are easier to treat in early stages, but as they get old, they become permanent and difficult to go. Unlike preventing stretch marks, for treating you need a more potent formula. You need cream or lotion that not only moisturizes the skin but penetrates deep in skin working on its inner layers and start the healing process. You may need a formula that enhances the collagen and elastin production in the skin for a firm look and even tone.


The 5 Best Stretch Mark Creams for preventing and treating stretch marks on Shoulders

We have selected a few creams and lotions that work wonder on your stretch marks, making them fade away with time. These creams are also recommended if you are into bodybuilding or trying to lose weight. Their daily massage can prevent stretch marks from forming.


1. DeuxDerme – Stretch Mark Intensive removal Cream

Removing stretch marks become easy with this DeuxDerme Stretch Mark removal cream. The cream is scientifically formulated to fade stretch marks with time and eventually remove them.

DeuxDerme is safe for both men and women. Stretch marks, though common in women, can be formed on men’s skin too with weight gain or loss, or with intensive training. Unlike typical stretch mark treatment, which relies on chemicals and toxins to remove stretch marks, this cream uses the best ingredients and gives excellent results.

The cream is formulated with plant-derived ingredients like peptide, plant stem cells, Resveratrol, Shea and Cocoa Butter. These potent ingredients not only remove stretch marks but make your skin plump and hydrated. The skin will glow with an inner shine. The cream is free of any harmful formula and chemicals that may harm your skin.


2. Scar Removal Cream For Stretch Mark

This one is an advanced formula for removing stretch marks. The cream is carefully formulated to hydrate your skin and clear any stretch marks, acne, or scars on the skin.

The cream includes asiaticoside, heparin, allantoin, carbomer and other raw materials for processing. These ingredients enhance the collagen production of your skin, the skin is softened and have a youthful effect

It’s light texture immediately penetrates the skin to soften tissues inside the scars and stretch marks. It works from within and locks moisture, regulating the oil secretion of the skin.

In addition to skin nourishment and stretch mark removal, the cream has anti-inflammatory and bacterial removal properties. The cream beautifies the skin, making it soft and supple and also protect it from any harmful pathogens.


3. Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Daily Moisturizer

If you are looking for a good moisturizer you can use daily while trying to lose weight; then this one is your best bet. Its rich formula is an excellent daily moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and elastic. You can include its daily massage as a routine to avoid stretch marks on shoulders, thighs, belly, or any other part. The formula is excellent if you are going to start bodybuilding or any intensive training program.

The formula blends vitamin E, Vitamins E, C, B3 and B5 with Seaweed to nourish the skin. These ingredients help to remove any scar or stretch mark. The cream stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

Its light formula does not give a heavy feel. The cream is perfect for both men and women. It is also suitable for almost all skin types and conditions.


4. Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Oil 

Body Merry’s stretch mark defense oil is another great option for preventing and healing stretch marks. Oil is a great option for those who can’t stand the heavy feel of creams and lotions. The light oil is perfect for skin massage. It absorbs in the skin, leaving no sticky feeling behind.

The oil is a blend of some very useful ingredients for your skin’s nourishment. It’s a blend of Coconut, Grapeseed, Rosehip, Jojoba, Tamanu, and Sea Buckthorn oil. The oil penetrates the inner layer of the skin, delivering the highest level of moisture.

Body Merry’s stretch marks defense oil is rich in vitamin E, A, C, and D. Its regular use prevents stretch mark formation and reduces the existing marks. It also works on the skin and stimulates its collagen production. Skin elasticity is improved, and it appears tight and firm. It’s a great option if you are looking for a potent oil to prevent and remove stretch marks.


5. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks

Palmer’s is a well-trusted name if you are looking for stretch marks solutions. Its potent formula helps to remove stretch marks on skin visibly. The lotion is perfect to be used in pregnancy, or even if you are trying to lose weight.

Its rich ingredients include Shea and Cocoa butter, natural oils, collagen, elastin, and Lutein keep skin moisturized and supple for 48 hours allowing the skin to stretch more easily.

The lotion does not give a sticky feel at all and fully absorbs into the skin. Target the areas that are more prone to form stretch marks such as tummy, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, or upper arms. The formula is perfectly safe for all skin types and is free of any harmful chemicals or parabens.

Its all-natural ingredients are collected from organic sources that make it further safe and beneficial. A daily massage of Palmer’s lotion will not only remove the existing stretch marks but protect your skin from forming new ones.

Final Word

Stretch marks are common, and you can take some precautions to prevent them. At times, the stretch mark becomes difficult to go. But that does not mean you cannot manage them. Some self-tanning formulas can help you hide those nasty strips. You can also make use of the cosmetic base to hide them if you are wearing backless or sleeveless shirts. Dress smartly and feel confident in whatever you are wearing.

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