How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Your Outer Thighs Fast?

So, you want to learn how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bum? Nowadays, stretch marks have also become a problem for the people and they are irritating and as a consequence, these stretch marks have a negative influence on the confidence of people.

The reasons for stretch marks on inner thighs are an unexpected increase in weight and pregnancy among women. The stretch marks appear on the different body parts like arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, etc. Naturally, the stretch marks on outer thighs have appeared on the skin and they seem to line appearing on the skin.

The lines that can be seen on the skin are of a different color than the regular color of the skin, the stretch marks appear to be light gray at the end. Initially, they seem to be purple.

During pregnancy, when the body is stretched, the stretch marks appear.

As the weight increase during pregnancy, the body starts stretching and as a consequence stretch marks seem to be appearing. The color of the stretch marks is initially red or purple.

After some days, when the pale color fat under the skin starts appearing and can be seen with naked eyes, the stretch marks at that point of time are shown as silvery-white color.

But, there is no need to worry, as these stretch marks are not the sign of any medical problem, after doing some treatment they have vanished.


What causes stretch marks on outer thighs?

  • 1.Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a very big reason for the stretch marks. When someone is pregnant, the skin of the body is soft and is free to move, so that the newborn could be developed inside. As soon as the time passes, and the baby grows, due to jerks and elasticity in the body, the stretch marks are visible on the breasts, thighs, and belly.
  • Puberty: When the young girls and boys are getting into their teen ages or into adolescence, it might happen that their weight may lose or their weight might increase. This rapid change in the skin might become a reason for the stretch marks. These stretch marks appear on buttock, breasts, etc
  • Weight increase: Stretch marks appear on the skin when the weight of someone increases suddenly in a very short span of time. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the stretch marks on outer thighs appear when someone is on diet, the main reason behind these stretch marks is the abrupt change in weight.
  • Corticosteroids: Sometimes people make the use of different lotions and cream to avoid their skin damage and as a consequence they get themselves affected by stretch marks. This becomes threatening for skin damage.
  • Genetics: If the stretch marks are in genes, and your parents are affected by this, then there are chances that their children can also be affected by stretch marks.
  • Health conditions: Sometimes the conditions of health are also one of the reasons for stretch marks, these health conditions comprise of Marfan’s syndrome and other disorders that are the reasons for the stretch marks. Marfan’s syndrome occurs when the body gets affected by the gene that might weaken the body tissues. In this case, there are more chances for the stretch marks on outer tights to appear on the skin.
  • Body Building: When the bodybuilders do exercise, then their muscles and body get stretched then there is the probability that he might be a victim of stretch marks on outer thighs. Sometimes bodybuilders make the use of the steroids which results in appearing stretch marks.


How to Get rid of the stretch marks on outer thighs

9 Home Remedies to get rid of on outer thighs:

  1. Use of Argan oil: Making the use of the Argan oil that has Vitamin E present in it helps the skin to stretch and when applying it on the affected area, the tissue might break slowly and as a consequence, the stretch marks become light in color or weaken.
  2. Lemon juice: Making the use of lemon juice is a good cure to the stretch marks on outer thighs, it can be very much effective. Using fresh Kemon daily and applying it on the stretch marks may help the body to get rid of the stretch marks.
  3. Egg white: Use of white part of the egg is also effective for stretch marks. The white part of the egg helps in making the skin to its previous shape and getting rid of stretch marks.
  4. Potato juice: Potato juice has starch in it and it is often used to fade the dark circle and spots. When it is applied on the skin on a regular basis, then there are chances that it may light the stretch marks.
  5. Olive oil: Olive oil is also a very beneficial thing for the whole body, they are mostly used to get rid of the stretch marks after some time.
  6. Sugar: In order to fade the stretch marks, a scrub consisting of olive oil, sugar, and lemon juice is used applied to the affected part for 10 minutes.
  7. Castor oil: Make the use of the castor oil and apply it on the stretch marks and rub it in circular movements for around 20 minutes. After getting it rubbed, cotton cloth is used to cover the rubbed part of the skin and then it is heated. To get early rid of stretch marks, one must do this exercise for the whole month.
  8. Apricots: Use 2-3 apricots and grind it by not using its seeds to make a paste, then after that applying that paste to the affected area for 20 minutes. After that, make use of warm water to clean it. By making the use of this procedure on a daily basis, one can get rid of stretch marks. Skin can come to its original appearance.
  9. Black tea: Black tea is also an effective remedy to disappear the stretch marks, as it contains such minerals and vitamins that help the skin not to change its color. To get rid of stretch marks, one must take two tablespoons of black tea and pour some salt in that mixture, when the mixture is cooled down, rub that mixture to stretch marks until one gets rid of it.


Dietary Medications to Get Rid of Stretch marks

  • Water: Drinking water on a regular basis is not necessary to get rid of stretch marks but also good for the skin. It keeps the body elastic and in movement.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is very important and essential and one way to get the intake of this is to make the use of fruits and vegetables like melon, tomatoes, cabbage, turnips. By making the use of all of these, one can reduce the stretch marks.
  • Vitamin E: Intake of vitamin E is also very beneficial for the skin. Food which contains sufficient Vitamin C include hazelnuts, avocado, papaya, almonds, broccoli, etc. By making the use of these things daily, one can get him or herself away from stretch marks.
  • Cocoa Butter: Consuming cocoa butter is also a very good remedy for the removal of stretch marks. It has been identified that when cocoa butter is used in the period of pregnancy and after that period, there might be a possibility that stretch marks vanish forever. At night, rub the cocoa butter to the stretch marks, and after few days passed, positive results can be seen.
  • Gelatin: Gelatin is also used to provide stretch to the skin of the body. Bone broth made up of beef or chicken is also a source of reducing stretch marks on all over the body.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 Fatty acids are also used to bring firmness among the skin of the body. Foods comprising of shrimps, soybean, chia seeds, and cauliflower is helpful in getting rid of the stretch marks.


Medical Treatment to Get Rid of Stretch marks

As discussed above, home remedies and natural remedies are very effective for getting rid of stretch marks. Medical remedies also play their role.

  • At the initial stage of the stretch marks, one has the option of vascular laser in order to get rid of these. But if someone has dark skin, then this laser treatment doesn’t work. On the other side, there is another laser treatment that is known as Fractional laser treatment that is used when the stretch marks have become mature.
  • Microdermabrasion is another medical treatment that helps the body to banish stretch marks. But this treatment can also become a source of disturbance for the skin. However, another treatment known as Abdominoplasty is available as well, due to which stretch marks disappear for the rest of life, but this treatment is very much costly.
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