How to Hide Stretch Marks on Calves Step by Step SIMPLE!

Have you noticed stretch marks on the calves and you have consistently wondered how they got there,  or how you can get rid of them? I’m delighted that you’re here. In this article, we will consider not only the causes of stretch marks on calves but what steps you can take to get rid of them


The first question we need to answer is,

What is stretch marks?

Stretch marks are thin stripes or lines that appear on some specific areas of the body. While stretch marks on the calves are not as common as stretch marks on other body parts, it is just as frustrating.

Unfortunately, stretch marks are permanent. This is not to say that its appearance cannot be reduced or masked. Over time, you can employ various measures to either mask the stretch marks on your calves or reduce its visibility.

While red stretch marks are usually freshly developed ones, stretch marks with white streaks are ones that have developed over time and are old, those ones are much harder to get rid of.


Causes of Stretch Marks on Calves

Some of the causes of stretch marks on the calves include

  • Growth: Stretch marks usually happens when the body grows much faster than the skin can accommodate.
  • Hormonal imbalances like the absence of some essential minerals in the body
  • When the collagen deposited in the skin area reduces and there is some form of damage to the dermal layer of the skin or the collagen deposit cannot seem to match the need, it can make stretch marks appear on the skin
  • it can also be caused as a result of bodybuilding exercises. This sudden growth can cause the skin of the calf to stretch and bring about the appearance of stretch marks.
  • There are genetic factors like hereditary that cause the appearance of stretch marks
  • Fairer skin tones are more susceptible to stretch marks than darker ones


3 Simple Ways to Hide Stretch Marks on the Calves

As earlier mentioned various measures can be employed to hide stretch marks on the calves.  Most people, especially women are really particular about keeping them well out of sight because of its not so attractive appearance. Some of these measures you can explore to keep your stretch marks away from sight are

  • Wearing long pants: one of the easiest ways by which you can hide the stretch marks on your calves is to wear pants that cover them. Calves stretch marks are one of the easiest to hide because most pants are long enough to cover the calves. This is not to say that there are no other alternatives available to you to hide your stretch marks.
  • You can choose to exfoliate with a caffeine scrub on the day you will like to hide your stretch marks. Caffeine scrubs lighten, tighten and smoothens the skin. So this is also an option you can consider when you’re trying to hide your stretch marks
  • Makeup: in covering your stretch marks, you can also make use of make-up products like creams that can be applied on your body to mask or hide the appearance of blemishes. You might have to try a couple of products before finding the one that is best suitable for you. Also, it is highly recommended that you try products that have sunscreen in them as the sun rays can damage the skin elasticity and increase the appearance of your stretch marks. To select a body make-up, you must consider your skin tone, if you do not find the perfect body lotion, you can choose to use concealer and primer or foundation and lotions with sunscreen.

How to apply makeup on your calves:

  • First, you should choose the right products for your skin tone
  • Gently dip a foundation brush into the foundation and apply to your calves
  • Dab it unto the affected calves
  • Layer it one or two more times. Looking at the affected area, you able to fully assess if it’s working
  • Use a setting powder to cover the layers, then leave for a couple of minutes
  • You can use a setting spray on the area to ensure that it stays on throughout the time you want it to


You can also use a tanner to hide the stretch marks on your calves

Simply spray on a small part of your body to ensure that you have no allergies. If there are none, choose one that is suitable for your skin tone. For sensitive skin, you might have to ask your doctor to recommend a product to you. Remember to search for the streak-free label on the tanner before making a purchase. While this isn’t the best option for covering or hiding your stretch marks, it is one of the options you can explore to hide or mask your stretch marks

How to apply a tanner to your calves

  • To apply a tanner to your calves, you need to exfoliate a morning before its application. This helps to reduce the number of dead cells or skin on your calves
  • Squeeze a portion of self-tanner unto a flat plate
  • Using a cotton swab, lightly dab the self-tanner along the lines of the stretch marks on your calves till you achieve a perfect finish,
  • When you’re done, lightly apply to the other parts of your leg and arms to ensure an even and natural tone
  • You might have to ask for a friends help or use a mirror to ensure that the tanner reaches all the parts you need it to
  • When it dries out, check for any imperfections and correct them with a wet washcloth. Then you’re good to go


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Calves

It is impossible to totally get rid of stretch marks but there are some options that you can consider to make it fade, they are

  • Natural remedies
  • Lotions and Creams
  • Medical remedies
  • We will now go-ahead to consider each remedy one after the other
  • Natural Remedies


Some of the natural remedies you can consider to get rid of your stretch marks include:

  • DIET: a change in your diet can help repair the tissues of your body and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. You should increase your daily intake of water to at least 10 cups daily and reduce the number of junks that you eat. You can also increase your intake of protein, essential minerals and vitamins. These are all classes of food that smoothen and reduces the appearance of blemishes and stretch marks on the skin
  • EXERCISES: to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks present on your calf, you can engage in exercises that will help in toning the muscles present in the calf, this can, in the long run, reduce the appearance of the stretch marks present on the calf
  • HOMEMADE REMEDIES: you can choose to use homemade remedies like aloe vera, sugar scrubs or vitamin E oil. These are really effective items that can be gotten from your home. You any can implement any of these remedies by rubbing it over the affected areas for a couple of minutes, then wash it off after leaving for sometime


Regulating Weight Changes:

To reduce the rate at which stretch marks appear on your skin, you might want to set weight goals that will not adversely affect your skin. A healthy weight loss schedule would be a maximum of 1- 2kg weekly. Letting your body ease into the weight loss can help your skin adjust at the pace that collagen can adjust to all weight reduction. This should also be the same if you’re gaining weight even during pregnancy


Best Lotions and Creams to Get Rid of Calves Stretch Marks:

  • Bye-bye, stretch marks: infused with a mixture of coconut, jojoba, vitamin E oils, and Shea butter. This cream is suitable for getting rid of stretch marks on the calf, you will begin to see results within a couple of days. It is effective for improving and repairing the complexion of the skin where the stretch marks are located
  • Honeydew: This fragrance-free, all-natural ingredients cream really works for reducing the overall appearance of stretch marks, scar tissue or any form of a flaw on the skin. It is suitable for both men and women and aids the smoothness of the skin
  • Anti-stretch marks oil: this is just as effective as stretch mark lotions or more so due to its ability to penetrate the skin very easily since it has an oil base. It helps with cellulite and general firming of the skin as well as stretch marks that are already present on the skin. Its major ingredients include grape seed oil, lemon, grapefruit, and eucalyptus



Medical Remedies

Some of the medical remedies that you can consider to treat the appearance of stretch marks on the calf include

  • Dyed laser therapy: this treatment is said to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin by producing more collagen for the body, this will help in increasing the elasticity of the skin.
  • You can also choose to use an Excimer laser. It changes the color of red stretch marks to white and reduces its overall appearance by producing more melanin for the skin



Stretch marks are really no cause for alarm as they have absolutely no health implications. If you will like to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin, you must try to avoid unhealthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Aside from these above-mentioned tips helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin, they also have numerous other health benefits you should take advantage of in this process. Remember healthy living encompasses every area f your life and not just your skin

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