Stretch Mark Oil and How it Works

Stretch marks are easily remedied through the constant application of stretch mark oil on the stretch marks which would make them disappear. Those oils are good for making the skin stay hydrated and circulated which is imperative to making stretch marks heal quickly. Stretch mark oil helps in healing the stretch marks because it is rich in Vitamins and another good source of collagen for healing stretch marks appearing on the surface of the skin.


Stretch mark oil and its different kinds

There is a variety of stretch mark oil available. A good stretch mark oil to use is Emu oil which is a good source of Oleic (Omega 3) acid and also a good source of Linolenic (Omega 6) acid and Palmitic acid which are very useful for stretch mark healing since they help maintain the elasticity of fibers present in the top layer of skin known as dermis and prevent the tear of skin which is due to weakened collagen.  Emu oil has greatly distinct value as a stretch mark oil. The rich nature of Emu oil helps make the dermis layer strong through the enrichment of the dermis layer of skin through the rejuvenation of cells through the presence of omega acids and Vitamin E which help repair scar tissues and other forms of stretch marks.


Emu oil is derived from the fat of Emu birds is suitable for the healing of stretch marks because it is full of useful substances such as linolenic acid which helps relieve dryness and pain. Emu oil is primarily nontoxic stretch mark oil compared to other oils.  It also contains terpin which is an antiseptic substance useful for stretch mark treatment and reduction. It is the presence of such fatty acids that help in building collagen and stimulate the growth of new cells to prevent stretch marks or even heal old stretch marks. A good kind of stretch mark oil can be easily found at many health stores and is suitable for all ages and for both sexes. There is, however, a downside to using Emu oil which may not be appropriate for women with allergies towards this certain oil and the stretch mark oil may not be effective in healing the stretch marks.


Another good oil is Bio oil for stretch marks which is full of useful ingredients such as Lavender oil and other fatty acids which are good for the healing of stretch marks. This type of oil is effective because it has many healing properties and has been heavily rated as a good product by most users. This stretch mark oil, however, rumored to contain a toxic ingredient known as Mineral Oil which may cause adverse skin reactions in most people and is not the safest ingredient to have in stretch mark oil especially for pregnant women since they may develop an allergic reaction towards this form of oil.


Last good kind of stretch mark oil is Olive oil which is effective in making stretch marks disappear. This form of stretch mark oil has a lot of fatty acids and Vitamin E which is beneficial to the skin and the reduction of overstretching of skin. There is, however no guarantee that this type of stretch mark oil will not cause allergy.

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