5 Best Stretch Mark Creams for Old Stretch Marks 2020

Old stretch marks are the most difficult stretch marks to treat. Those red itchy patches on your skin in pregnancy may become permanent stretch marks if left untreated. They require time, patience, and care to go. You need a more potent formula cream to treat those stretch marks, and normal belly butter may not work very well on these old stretch marks. Special creams are made to deal with these stubborn marks that help you mask them and remove them permanently gradually.


What are Old Stretch Marks and How they are Formed

Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy, or rapid weight gain for some other cause like hormonal changes in teens or muscle build up. Use of Corticosteroid lotions or cream on the skin for a long period may also cause stretch marks. What appears as red or purple itchy patches on the skin may develop into white and silver parallel lines on the skin. Once at this stage, stretch marks are considered old, and with time, these lines become permanent and are difficult to fade or disappear.


Can Old Stretch Marks be Treated?

Treating old stretch marks is possible, but as we said, it takes times and usually takes weeks before you start noticing some change. They need some cream/lotion, or oil that penetrates deep inside the skin to get to the root of the problem. Normal creams available in the market for preventing stretch marks works only to moisturize cream and lacks the healing ingredients necessary to address the issue of white and silver old stretch marks.


How to Treat Old Stretch Marks?

If you have old stretch marks, then taking care of your skin is important to start the recovery process. Few tips for taking care of skin with old stretch marks are:

  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation is important for removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin. These dead cells restrict the moisture from seeping into the deep layers of skin. Proper and regular exfoliation helps you get rid of old skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  • Microdermabrasion: It’s a painless procedure for reducing the appearance of old stretch marks that are difficult to go otherwise.  The procedure works on the outer layer of skin and stimulates the skin to tighten the collagen and elastin fibers. Though effective, but this does not always work for totally removing the stretch marks.
  • Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is a common treatment for treating old stretch marks. Although the procedure is safe and effective, it can be costly and may not be in the range of all the women. Same is the case of cosmetic surgery. These treatments require the best medical care and may not fit into everyone’s budget.
  • Topical Cream: Topical creams are easier and fit in everyone’s budget. However, for old stretch marks, normal creams may not work well. It should be an intensive formula with ingredients that boosts the collagen production of skin and help it regain its elasticity. Several creams are available in the market that works wonder, and we have recommended some in the last section of this article. Though topical creams take some time, they provide excellent results in some cases and keeps your skin fresh and hydrated as well.


Top 5 Best Stretch Mark Creams for Old Stretch Marks

Here we have selected some products for your convenience. Choose one and start your journey of stretch marks removal right now.

1. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Mederma’s Stretch Mark Therapy works well on old stretch marks. Its clinically proven formula is designed to penetrate deep in the skin and start the healing process from the roots. With ingredients as Cepalin, Hyaluronic acid., and Centella Asiatica plant extract, the Stretch Mark Therapy help skin to regain its moisture and freshness.

Mederma’s Cream not only increases the moisture level of the skin but stimulates the collagen production of skin from within. Collagen is essential for a firm and elastic skin. Its deficiency in the skin may cause it to become loose and shaggy as collagen holds everything together and gives it a tight look. So this stretch Mark Therapy by Mederma increases the skin’s collagen production and elastin. Skin becomes less apt to tears, and the existing scars and stretch marks fade over time with its constant use.

Not only Mederma’s stretch Mark Therapy works well on stretch marks, but it is good enough for other scars resulting from burns, cuts, surgery, or injury. No doubt, it’s the best solution for old stretch marks and works wonder in reducing them and making them disappear with time.

2. Stretch Marks & Scar Removal Cream 

This one is an intensive therapy to treat old stretch marks. The potent oil is carefully made to heal the skin and repair the damage. The oil encourages cell renewal and rebuilds the collagen and elastin structure in the skin. This structure may have damaged with age allowing tears and stretch marks appear more prominent on skin. The skin booster restores the normal skin color and minimizes the formation of scars on the skin.

The cream is excellent to be used on all types of skin. You can apply it to any body parts, including breasts, hips, thighs, upper arms, and belly. This skin repair booster offers a simple and effective treatment for diminishing stretch marks and scars on the skin-saving you from surgery or laser treatment that is not only expensive but may cause other health complications.

Stretch marks appear in the middle layer of the skin called dermis. It is our skin’s elastic layer that allows it to stretch and pull back in shape. Any cream that fails to reach these deep layers of skin does nothing more than mere moisturizing as the healing process starts from within. This organic skin booster is comprised of all natural ingredients that reach out to dermis and help it restore its elasticity while fading the appearance of stretch marks from outside.


3. Scar Removal Cream For Old Stretch Mark 

This advanced cream is made to work on old scars, stretch marks, and acne. It removes the scars leaving skin more bright and clear. It includes asiaticoside, heparin, allantoin, carbomer and other raw materials for processing on these stretch marks. These key ingredients increase the collagen content of skin that works for fading and removing these stretch marks.

The cream softens the skin and support cell regeneration that is essential for a mark free skin. The cream penetrates deep inside the skin to work on the stretch marks from deep down the tissue level. The cream regulates the skin’s oil production that helps to get rid of hard and old stretch marks. In addition to these, the cream includes anti-inflammatory, and bacteria eliminating effect to deal with other skin issues.

The manufacturer recommends using it twice on the affected skin for quick recovery. The two-time daily massage on skin shows result early, and you will start noticing the change within a few weeks. The cream on skin gives an additional benefit of saving your skin from sunburns. So it’s a great choice for old stretch marks, and regular use can speed up the recovery process of your skin.


4. Stretch Mark Cream Remover

This one is another effective formula for removing stretch marks. It is considered best for preventing stretch marks and about 93% of customers achieve their goal of a stretch mark free skin within two months of use. The cream is made from 100% organic extracts of Extract Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Moringa, Centella Asiatica and Avocado that works like a miracle on rough skin with a lot of stretch marks.

The cream delivers intensive hydration to your skin and gives it a firm appearance. It works on all type of skin, and you can even use it during pregnancy when these stretch marks start with itching and redness. The stretch marks cream can be used during pregnancy, nursing, or for old stretch marks that are difficult to go with normal creams.


5. Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter

This stretch mark Butter is an intensive treatment for old stretch marks.  Strong skin is the first step towards fighting stretch marks, and this butter helps your skin regain its strength by building collagen. As the skin stretches, collagen breaks down and later show itself as stretch marks. This butter promotes your collagen production of the skin. Shea butter is best for treating stretch marks which are included in this cream. It is fast absorbing and packed with skin-nourishing fatty acids and vitamins. The butter absorbs deep inside the skin and starts the healing process. It works on the outer layer of skin to remove the stretch marks and gives it an even tone. No doubt it’s a great therapy for old stretch marks.


6. Does Bio Oil Work For Old Stretch Marks??

More on Bio-Oil:

Final Thought

Old stretch marks, though difficult to treat, are not a lost cause and you can still do a lot to make them fade away. However, taking care of skin and preventing these stretch marks is always easier than treating so if you are pregnant or on other weight loss programs chances you’re going to get these nasty stretch marks. The best approach is to be aware of your skin’s needs all the time and take basic care for keeping it fresh and nourished. Healthy skin is less likely to develop any stretch marks and is easier to treat even if you get some stretch mark.

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