How to Get Rid of Weight Loss Stretch Marks Fast Naturally

In case anyone has gained a lot of weight because of a lack of activity or overeating, it will be worthwhile to make sincere efforts to lose weight. Remember, loss of weight can give many stretch marks. Weight loss stretch marks appear in men and ladies and are primarily caused due to overstretching. Because of obesity, pregnancy and extreme loss of weight, stretch marks appear as central layer skin gets damaged.

 Salient Tips for Getting Rid of Weight Loss Stretch Marks


Newly formed stretch marks look red or glossy. After some time these weight loss stretch marks look white in color and give the appearance of the scar. If the skin is stretched by heavy growth because of pregnancy, extreme weight loss or gain, it does not come back to the original shape. Weight loss stretch marks normally start as purplish or reddish in color. Gradually the skin becomes glossy and looks streaked in white or silver. They occur in the central layer of skin which permits it to retain the shape. On being constantly stretched, dermis may break down causing stretch marks.

Laser surgery and chemical peels may improve old weight loss stretch marks but are expensive. These stretch marks have a tendency to come back anytime. Stretch mark oil, creams and ointments may not be of much help. One should select the treatment for the stretch mark that is effective and not gets carried away by its cost or publicity. The creams having vitamin E are found to be useful in removing stretched skin marks. Cocoa butter has also been found to be effective. Weight loss stretch marks give an unpleasant look but can be faded.

Following pieces of advice will provide vital information about the methods by which weight loss stretch marks can be faded:

  • * Use natural oils – Select effective natural oil for removing weight loss stretch marks. Some of the oils effectively used for fading weight loss stretch marks are baby oil, olive oil, and vitamin – E oil. On rubbing the oil gently two to three times a day, the best results can be achieved.
  • * Use Aloe Vera gel – Rub Aloe Vera gel daily on the skin. It is very effective in removing weight loss stretch marks and curing other skin problems. It is 100% natural.
  • * Try prescription treatment – A dermatologist can be consulted to obtain his prescription for fading weight loss stretch marks. The specialist would normally prescribe Mederma or Retin-A. These are useful in removing stretch marks and dark marks on the skin. The topical treatment should be carried out as directed by the specialist.
  • * Laser treatment – Laser dermatological technology has progressed a lot in making laser very effective and painless treatment in removing weight loss stretch marks. One may consult a specialist for treatment.
  • * Use creams and natural lotions – Apply creams and lotions on the affected portion of and massage well. Some of such effective treatment could be lotions consisting of Vitamin – E, Shea butter and cocoa butter. These should be applied daily for getting the best results.

Always remember that to prevent weight loss stretch marks one will have to hydrate the skin with rich vitamins, nutrients, and moisture and maintain a healthy diet and also drink a lot of water.

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