Bio-Oil For Stretch Marks Review

Bio oil for stretch marks is a good oil product that helps reduce stretch marks. This form of oil is useful in reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks. In fact, it is useful for preventing stretch marks because it is full of essential herbs and vitamins.

The combination of herbs and vitamins work on reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The herbs in the oil are calendula, rosemary, lavender, chamomile and the vitamins included in the product are Vitamin A & E. This is why bio-oil is an effective, natural product. It also contains a great medium known as PurCellin oil which delivers all these herbs and vitamins directly to the stretch marks.

Overall, bio oil works on making stretch marks become better in appearance by hydrating skin to maintain its elasticity. It is a good preventive measure for stretch marks before they actually occur.

Why is bio oil for stretch marks good?

This form of oil has to be daily applied to the skin and massaged onto stretch marks twice. It also recommended that this type of oil be massaged into the skin.

Bio oil for stretch marks requires regular maintenance in order to circulate your skin. Thus it is useful for maintaining blood flow as well as reducing the redness and swelling of stretch marks.

It is very efficient at making stretch marks become less visible and possibly completely disappear in a period of three months time.

Bio oil for stretch marks is completely natural and safe to all users including pregnant women. It works quickly and usually can work within two days or week.

Bio oil for stretch marks is also affordable to most people. Most people have reported having had magnificent results after using the bio oil for stretch marks product.

It has effective and fast results for those who wish to have their stretch marks disappear. Most users of the product claimed that the oil helps moisturize the skin in order to keep it hydrated. The product only costs $11.99 which is better than most oils that usually cost more.

Many consumers who have used bio oil have reported having had it work for their stretch marks after rubbing it twice. In fact, the oil has worked over a period of a month. It has made stretch marks disappear for most users.

This type of stretch mark removal product has a good smell. It also makes the skin more supple and soft. It makes stretch marks less red and makes them less visible.

Thus bio oil for stretch marks is definitely effective since it is completely grease free. The product also absorbs very quickly making the stretch marks fade from red to brown so that there is no need to resort to other lotions or oils.

Bio oil is an effective product for the removal of stretch marks over a period of days. It is affordable for most users who think that it’s worthwhile.

How does Bio Oil work?

Bio Oil contains high amounts of natural plant oils, vitamins and minerals, and PurCellin oil. These three work together to stimulate cell regeneration wound healing and improved skin elasticity.

The PurCellin oil, in particular, increases the absorbability of Bio Oil and helps it take effect faster. Bio Oil has been used for many centuries to improve skin health and treat a wide variety of skin diseases.

Is Bio Oil really effective?

Bio Oil has cemented its place as one of the biggest players in the skincare industry. It’s a product known for reducing acne and stretch marks. Bio Oil is also a go-to product for many women of all ages!

So, is Bio Oil really effective?

Bio Oil is one of the most credible products in the market. It has undergone quality and standard tests, so you can be sure that the product you’re using is clinically proven. A lot of reviews from consumers show good feedback.

Besides positive consumer reviews, the effectivity of Bio Oil has also been proven by a study. In the 12-week study, more than 65% of participants reported a reduction in the appearance of their scars in just 4 weeks. 50% said that it diminished stretch mark appearance also in 4 weeks.

According to research, Bio Oil is rich in natural ingredients that help in improving skin elasticity and healing scar tissues.

Although results are different from person to person, public consensus shows that it works well for the majority.

In fact, many Bio Oil users say that it greatly increased their confidence and body image. They have a new found love for their body and they can now enjoy life without the insecurities.

It’s incredible how Bio Oil can do so much for your body and mind!

How long does it take for Bio Oil to start working?

Bio Oil takes effect after 4 weeks to 3 months. However, there are claims that you can see results in as early as one week.

It reduces red and white stretch marks quickly, which is why it’s a good product for pregnant or nursing women. Bio Oil is most effective for new scars or stretch marks.

What are the side effects of Bio Oil?

According to controlled studies, Bio Oil has no known side or adverse effects on the body. No record of skin reactions or allergies were also indicated among users.

Although Bio Oil itself doesn’t have side effects, it has an active ingredient called Retinyl Palmitate that can cause itching, redness, burning and peeling. Bio Oil’s botanical extracts can also cause skin irritation in some people, especially those with sensitive skin. To be safe, it’s best to consult your dermatologist if you plan on using Bio Oil.

Bio Oil is highly effective, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to use this product, it’s good to start with a skin test. Apply a small amount of Bio Oil on your skin, leave for 30 minutes and check for any allergic reactions.

Does Bio oil reduce scars?

Yes, many user testimonials say that after continuous use of Bio Oil, the scars on their body faded. Bio Oil reduces and prevents pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots. It can also be used as a sunblock to protect the skin. But how does Bio Oil do all these?

Bio Oil is packed with essential oils such as calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile which are known to nourish and repair skin tissues. It also has PurCellin Oil, a natural “breakthrough” ingredient that brings back skin elasticity. PurCellin Oil is a replica of the oil that ducks have which keeps their feathers waterproof.

Thanks to Bio Oil’s patented formulation, it’s not greasy or oily when applied to the skin. It has a light texture that gives you a dry and comfortable feel!

Is Bio Oil effective for old scars?

Bio Oil can still work to reduce old scars, although not as fast as the newly-formed ones. Old scars take more time to fade because damaged tissues have totally healed and collagen stimulation is slower. In addition, not a lot of blood supply goes to old wounds so it might take longer for Bio Oil to work on old scars.

Is Bio Oil good for wrinkles?

Bio Oil has no known anti-aging properties. It doesn’t have ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid or anti-oxidants that can help fight off wrinkle or other signs of aging. It may help rejuvenate your skin and keep it soft and supple, but it may not always give the results you want when it comes to wrinkle prevention.

Can Bio Oil remove pimples?

Bio Oil has a patented formulation, so it gives you a “dry” feeling when applied, but it’s still a plant-based oil mix. For this reason, it’s possible that it can clog pores and cause pimple breakouts.

If you have active and severe acne, you might want to avoid applying it on your face. Doing so can make your breakout worse. For pimple breakouts, it’s best to stick to your anti-acne skin care products or routine.

Is it OK to use Bio Oil on your face?

Bio Oil is safe to use on your face. Enriched with essential oils and vitamins and minerals, Bio Oil evens skin tone and reduces dark spots on the face. Although it’s not best for active acne, it can be a good remedy for acne scars. 64% of participants from a Peking University study saw an improvement in new acne scars.

Besides applying on your skin, Bio Oil is also great as a lip balm. Before you put on your lipstick, you can moisturize your lips with Bio Oil. This stops your lip from drying out and it helps your lipstick stay longer.

When should I apply Bio Oil to my face?

Bio Oil is best used on the face after every bath. You can also apply it twice a day for three months in a circular motion for better absorption. It’s not advised to use Bio Oil if you have open wounds or broken skin. So, in the case of acne, it’s best to wait when the scar has fully healed before applying Bio Oil.

Does Bio Oil make you break out?

If you have active acne, acne-prone or oily skin, some dermatologists advise against the use of Bio Oil. As previously mentioned, Bio Oil is still a plant-based mix oil so it may clog your pores and contribute to your acne problem.

Does Bio Oil darken the skin?

NO, Bio Oil does not darken the skin, in fact, it does the opposite. It lightens dark patches on the face and body from excessive sun exposure. Uneven skin tone becomes more evident with pregnancy, menopause or aging. Bio Oil helps stimulate new skin cell formation and heals damaged tissues to improve skin health. It also protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV light, thus preventing damage.           

Is Bio Oil a good moisturizer?

If you want to keep your skin hydrated, Bio Oil is one of your top choices!

With extreme weather conditions, chemical-filled water, excessive showering or bathing and the dehydrating effect of central heating or air-conditioning, your skin is stripped off of natural oils and proper moisture.

Bio Oil locks natural moisture and decreases water vapor on our skin surface. It also helps your skin produce more natural oils to keep it hydrated and moist!

Is Bio Oil good for hair growth?

Bio Oil is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. It also has a huge amount of plant extracts which promotes hair growth and development.

You can use Bio Oil to tame frizzy and flyaway hair and massage it on your scalp to improve hair growth. Besides this, it’s also great for dry itchy scalp, and even as a treatment for dandruff.

Can you put makeup over Bio Oil?

If you love putting on makeup, Bio Oil is an amazing primer or highlighter. Take a small amount of Bio Oil unto your face and massage your skin in a circular motion. Once the oil dries out, you can apply your foundation. This will give you a smooth, dewy complexion with a wonderful glow to your skin.

Want to highlight your cheekbones? Dab a small amount of Bio Oil and give your sheen a soft and pretty finish!

Can I use Bio Oil on my tattoo?

Since Bio Oil helps reduce scarring, it might not be good for fresh tattoos. Bio Oil may fade your tattoo and produce undesirable results. Oils don’t allow for breathing and they may delay the healing process. There might be plant ingredients in Bio Oil that can irritate your tattooed skin as well.

Is Bio Oil good for pregnant women?

Most skincare products have little to no effect on pregnancy. Dermatologists say it’s okay to use Bio Oil for pregnancy, especially for the prevention of stretch marks. However, it’s still best to consult your dermatologist or OB-GYNE, because commercial Bio Oil products may have ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

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