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Which Is Better High Chair or Booster?

High Chairs Pros: High chairs give your baby enough space so that they can move their arms to get to their food. They also are very sturdy and well balanced so that when your baby does move around they will not tip the chair, or fall out. High chairs are much easier to clean when […]

What Is the Best Baby Gate to Buy in 2020

Children’s safety is the priority of every parent. Children at a younger age of about six months to three years are at risk of being involved in accidents like falls in the staircase, poisoning, burn caused by hot liquids, among others. To ensure the safety of your baby, you should consider installing a baby gate […]

How Do You Use a Baby Gate?

Every person who has a baby will find the baby gates to be so essential when their homes have stairs. With the safety baby gates, you will be sure that your kids, when walking or even start walking, are securely protected from getting hurt from the stairs. Most kids tend to walk longer distances and […]

How Long Do You Need Baby Gates for?

With a toddler in your home, you should ensure you have provided adequate care for your kid always to ensure they are not involved in any accident that may lead to fracture. Use of baby gates is one of the best methods to control the movements of your baby hence preventing falling on stairs among […]

What Age Do You Get Rid of Baby Gates?

Babies are precious gems in our homes. But when they start crawling or walking, it’s high time you put some baby gates to restrict their movements. In a nutshell, Baby gates are lifesavers. They prevent your toddler from gaining to unwanted places such as the stairs, swimming pools, and backyards, among other openings. However, at […]

Do You Need a Baby Gate at the Bottom of Stairs?

The babies tend to grow so fast that they are not able to remain in one place for longer. Mostly when kids start crawling, they move too far places hence as a parent, necessary precautions are needed so they can be kept safe. There are some child gates that are known to be perfect to […]

How Much Does a Baby Gate Cost? Factors to Look for

People with a baby should be cautious with their baby’s safety. Tracking babies is very vulnerable to running in dangerous areas in your home. The first factor you should consider most is looking for potential spaces that can cause problems and find ways to minimize them. That is why you should consider buying a gate […]

What Safety Gate Is the Best for the Top of Stairs?

Baby gates are always available in different sizes and also different functions. They can be installed at either the bottom of the stair tops so that they prevent the babies from moving beyond them. Due to this, there are baby stair gates that perfectly match the top stairs way and others are for bottom ways. […]

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