Are Pressure Mounted Baby Gates Safe for Top of Stairs?

Mostly, when your kids are seven months old, they become mobile since they can crawl and move from one location to another. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to childproof your house for the safety of the kids.

Pressure mounted baby gates are used to safeguard your kid from places that can cause accidents while in the house. They are gates that look like tension rods and do not need to be screwed in.

Use the correct measurements of the gate to enable it to stand firmly and tight against a wall or a door frame. These gates are mostly used since they are portable hence easy to move from place to place in your home.

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Advantages of pressure mounted baby gates

Child safety

Home accidents are natural occurrences that are frequently reported but can be prevented.

Pressure mounted baby gates are safe, especially for your kids who are between the age of six and twenty-four months. However, even the top-notch tension gates won’t be recommended for places with top staircases since they can topple over if they are not well mounted.

They are suitable for bottom stairs or doorways that separate different areas in your house. Pressure mounted baby gates are safe when placed in the kitchen since they prevent your baby from dangers in the fireplace while cooking.

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Reduces stress

Kids become more curious as they grow and develop the urge to explore their surroundings. You are less worried when you know that your children are safe to play and can go to secure places with minimal supervision.

Install the pressure mounted baby gates to avoid being emotionally drained every single day. They are placed in positions that keep the kids off insecure places such as the bathrooms. Also, baby gates with tension can be used to enclose an area away from your view as a parent that is secure and gives you peace of mind.

Precautions taken when using pressure amounted baby gates

After installing the tension baby gate, ensure that it is always closed to avoid injury or a fall from occurring. Avoid using old gates that have already being used and have gaps that can trap a kid. Additionally, you can remove the pressure mounted gate when your kid turns two years since, at this age, they can open or climb over it.

Are pressure mounted baby gates safe for top stairs?

Top of the stairs is the place that most parents place the baby gates. Pressure mounted gates are not safe for the top of the staircases but are the right choice if you want to keep your children away from other sections such as your office.

They will be appropriate for areas with no stairs and have an added advantage of double locking when you can open and close it using one hand. Consider using kid’s gates that require drilling holes on your walls, such as the hardware mounted, for the safety of your children up the stairs.

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What Is the Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs?

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