Pregnant Mom Explains How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy due to the rapid body changes that occur. They appear as red lines during the later part of pregnancy or early in the pregnancy. Stretch marks during pregnancy can appear on the lower abdomen, breasts, or hips and thighs of women.  These stretch marks happen because the collagen is separated in this particular area causing the skin to stretch and tear. They can appear ghastly to many women who wish to eliminate stretch marks during pregnancy.

 How to Prevent and Handle Stretch Marks During Pregnancy


Some women are more prone genetically to develop stretch marks due to the lack of elasticity in the skin and to putting on weight during that period. Stretch marks during pregnancy can be prevented through careful skin care. This involves using anti-stretch mark cream and lotions and staying hydrated. Usually, the application of cocoa butter can do a lot to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This is because it provides skin cells with more healthy nutrition.

Another natural treatment for stretch marks for reducing stretch marks is Tretinoin cream. However, it cannot be used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy because it has toxic substances that can pass to the baby.  This is the case with most topical treatments because they contain substances that most women would be allergic to during pregnancy. Particularly since the substances can pass to the women’s milk during breastfeeding, this can cause a premature baby.

In addition to spreading the cream on the skin to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, a healthy diet can do wonders to the skin. Stretch marks can be easily prevented through a healthy nutritious diet full of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and zinc which helps promote skin elasticity. Also, regular water drinking can keep the skin hydrated and thus maintain circulation during pregnancy in order to prevent stretch marks. Thus stretch marks during pregnancy can be easily combated through a good nutritious diet and regular water drinking.

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Another good strategy for hiding away stretch marks or at least reducing their appearance is good exfoliation and moisturizing of skin regularly. This can do wonders to help reduce the visibility of stretch marks during pregnancy, as skin is well-circulated. A skin that regularly massaged has a good supply of blood and good circulation. Also, exfoliation makes the skin more able to absorb moisturizers and creams. This means that lotions and creams applied to the skin can be more readily absorbed by the skin to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

In order to deliver safely, most women do resort to creams. This is because stretch marks lotion may contain cocoa butter as well as other substances that may prove harmful to the baby. This is why most women resort to having laser treatment of stretch marks and surgery once the baby is born. Thus in order for women to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, it is necessary they maintain a good healthy weight and regularly massage and exfoliate their skin.

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