How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And Naturally

If you wake up one day and see stretched skin scars on your body, you may rush to the computer to find out how to lose stretch marks fast. These marks are usually the result of rapid weight gain or loss due to pregnancy, crash diets or hormone changes. Although there is no instant cure for striae (stretched skin marks and scars), there are a lot of things you can do to make them less noticeable.

 How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And Naturally

For Men: Battle of the Beer Belly, Body Building, and Weight Loss

mans body building stretch marks How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And NaturallyFor men with striae, it can be embarrassing to ask for advice on how to lose stretch marks fast. Usually, the marks/scars are found on a body that needs a little attention. On men, they are commonly found on the lower abdomen, lower back or upper arms. Striae can be the result of a beer belly or can also be caused by muscles growing very quickly from weight lifting. The first step in how to lose stretch marks fast and also, in either case, is to care for the skin with moisturizers, lots of water, exercise, and healthy eating.
healthy foods1 How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And Naturally

It is important to stop the rapid weight or muscle gain before it gets any worse, so start, and keep, a regular diet and exercise routine without making any drastic changes. The skin is affected most by dehydration, so drink lots and lots of water – at least 64 oz. a day will help your skin stay healthy, clear and supple because proper hydration is being the crucial part of treatment when it comes to how to lose stretch marks fast. Dieters should avoid crash diets and diet pills which usually do more harm than good. Eat healthy regularly to keep the body trim. Bodybuilders should avoid steroids and other drugs for muscle building, as well as the forced dehydration which is common for competitions. Bodies can change rapidly, but stretch skin marks are one way the body tells us that we’re forcing it to change too fast.

walking exercise How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And NaturallyExercise is also a good way to improve skin health and reduce stretch marks. Try brisk walking, running, swimming, or bike riding. Daily toning exercises are the key on how to lose stretch marks fast. For a man with a beer belly, that means crunches to tone the stomach muscles and burn more fat. All over toning exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and leg lifts can tone muscles quickly.

While the stretched skin mark is still red and raised, there is a much better chance and more options on how to lose stretch marks fast, while treatments can be more effective as well.

Moisturizing with a cream rich in shea butter or bio oil has proven to be effective in most cases to soften striae and reduce their red, raised appearance.


For Women: Coping with Pregnancy Stretch Skin Marks

For women, stretch skin scars are common reminders of the drastic changes the body goes through during pregnancy. However, no women like these beauty issues and want to know how to lose stretch marks fast. woman drinking water How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And NaturallyThese can be treated like any other striae with lots of water, exercise, and toning exercises to firm up the body and the regular application of moisturizers and stretch mark pregnancy cream.woman moisturizing skin How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And Naturally

After having children or gaining a lot of weight, it can be difficult to feel beautiful. Resist the temptation to crash diet or take diet pills as this will not give you answer on how to lose stretch marks fast nor benefit your general health. Keeping a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein will give you strength and energy to take care of yourself and your kids. Regular exercise, including both cardiovascular and toning, can help you feel and look your best while can play a vital role regarding how to lose stretch marks fast after pregnancy. Working on the treadmill, aerobics, Pilates and cardio exercises can help tone the body. Keeping the muscles firm and losing fat to keep the skin tight will improve the appearance of striae.

vitamin E oil How To Lose Stretch Marks Fast And NaturallyOrganic moisturizers containing shea butter, seaweed, aloe vera, or Vitamin E oil can be effective on fresh, red stretch marks. Take a multivitamin to make sure your skin is getting all the nutrition it needs. Taking Vitamin E capsules and using derma roller have also been shown to help improve the appearance of stretch skin scars naturally thus beside the fact of applying any tips on how to lose stretch marks fast or resorting to the treatment you should not forget to take it.


Putting it All Together

Everyone who has stretch marks should remember that although they may not go away completely, they can be greatly improved. Applying moisturizers, drinking lots of water, keeping the body healthy with a diet and exercise routine can not only improve the appearance of existing marks but also ensure that the body doesn’t go through any further drastic changes and get more stretch skin scars. Water, toning, moisturizing and vegetables are how to lose stretch marks fast.

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