How to Get Rid of the Skin Stretch Marks Fast

Similar to other stretch marks, skin stretch mark appear when weight loss or gain or even excessive exercising happen. It does not happen due to pregnancy only and appears on stomach since it is the area being affected during weight loss or gain since the stomach usually is the hardest area to exercise during rapid weight gain and pregnancy. Stretch marks happen on the stomach because the skin on the stomach is extended beyond repair causing a tear without skin repair thus creating ugly skin stretch mark.

They occur in women and men experiencing fast growth such as teenagers hitting puberty and occur in men who drink a lot of beer since they gain excessive weight in that particular area which is strained due to beer drinking and lack of exercise. Thus both women and men would like to reduce the appearance of fresh red skin stretch mark before they become permanent white stretch marks.


Various Solutions for skin stretch mark

There are various solutions to the reduction of skin stretch mark and it usually is easy to handle and can be reduced within days or even weeks depending on how effective your choice of treatment is. A range of natural and surgical treatments exist to those who want to remove skin stretch mark. One being the effective but slow method of cream massaging onto the stomach on a daily basis even twice a day through repeated circular motions can help reduce the appearance of skin stretch mark.


The creams range from Emollient cream to Bio cream which is both effective in producing collagen on the stomach in order to bring back elasticity to the stomach and prevent the appearance of skin stretch mark. Those creams that are employed should not only be rich in Vitamin A & E but also be full of zinc and essential herbs and nutrients to tackle the entire depth of the stretch marks. It is essential that a dermatologist is consulted before any over the counter cream is purchased in order to ensure that stretch marks are completely prevented from occurring and are even healed.


Moreover, those wishing to resort to more faster and drastic measures can see a cosmetic surgeon. Surgical treatment of the skin stretch mark can then be undergone. The surgical treatment will focus on entirely eliminating the stretch marks through an intensive surgical process and may ensure the removal of the stretch mark but with some after results or cause the skin stretch mark to vanish up to a certain degree. However, laser treatment is also another good form of treatment that may cause the stretch marks to vanish but up to a point with more stretch marks appearing if it the treatment is not entirely up to par with normal procedural standards. Those two forms of treatments may be useful however in removing the skin stretch mark in the long run. They can also be hassle free and time saving compared to most creams and lotions.

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