How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Thighs and Bum

Annoying stretch marks on Thighs and Bum, how to get rid of them? 

In this article, I am going to discuss possible ways on how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bum without the need for expensive plastic surgery for clear stretch marks.


What stretch marks on Thighs and Bum Look Like

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Stretch Marks and Self Esteem

Several instances will come up and the first thing that will occur to you is the question, How to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bums.

For instance, it has just been announced in your class, office or among your peers that there is going to be a beach party the next weekend or some other days. Virtually everybody else is excited because the know going to the beach is always fun.

However, you are among the few that are sulking inside, while trying to follow the trend to look excited. Your lack of excitement is not in any way related to the activity that is being planned as if things were different, you would most likely be one of the most excited.

Your only problem with going to the beach with them is because you have stretch marks that you have been able to comfortably cover with your dressing. The new development is going to expect you to appear in a bikini or slim swimsuit so that you can look like the others and flaunt your thighs and bums.

Unfortunately, the presence of stretch marks is going to make the whole thing look embarrassing for you and you are aware that your foulmouthed peer would definitely notice it and use it as a weapon against you either immediately or whenever both of you get into an argument.

Despite all this, there is good news. You don’t have to sulk, completely miss out the fun or start feeling bad because of your stretch marks.

This article will discuss:

  • What Stretch Marks are,
  • Why they are Common on the Thighs and Bum?
  • Possible ways on How to Treat Stretch Marks on the Thighs and Bum?
  • Other Alternative to cover Stretch Marks
  • What not to do when you are Trying to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be defined as skin areas that have a resemblance of stripes or lines. They are majorly scars that arise as a result of tiny tears that had occurred in the skin’s dermis layer. When the elastin and collagen fibers of the skins are stretched, it results in the creation of stretch marks. The most common issue that results in the creation is when there is a raid weight or growth gain by an individual. They often look like a light scar. An analysis carried out in 2013 shows that about fifty to eighty percent of individuals experience stretch marks. Fortunately, there are options that can help you to treat stretch marks whenever you observe them on your body.


Why Stretch Marks are Common on the Thighs and Bum?

Fats are a major component of food and also found in our body that makes it difficult for a person to grow or lose some weight. This is why in most cases when a person gains weight rapidly it is often linked to fat. Furthermore, if an individual wants to lose some weight, he would be advised to lose some fat. The implication is that the most rapid weight loss or weight gain takes place where fats can be easily deposited. The three major parts of the body most reputed for fat deposits are the tummy, bums, and thighs in that order, closely followed by the arms. Thus, the rapid gaining of weights around the thighs or tummy is the major reason why you commonly find stretch marks on your thighs and bum.

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How to Treat Stretch Marks on the Thighs and Bum?

Now, if you have been wondering how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bum, we are going to be discussing the best ways to achieve this. Even though most of these options will give you a noticeable improvement by the end of the first week from when you start applying the treatment, you should expect a close to perfect treatment until the fourth to sixth week. Thus, the farther your beach party or time you want the results from the start of treatment, the better for you.

Natural Remedy: If you are looking for how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bum at home, then there are a number of natural remedies you might want to try.

You might want to opt for coffee. Apart from the fact that coffee is commonly used for people who want to boost their activeness or keep sleep away, it also contains properties that are useful for fighting off stretch marks and cellulite.

You don’t even necessarily have to opt for expensive coffees sold in stores that could contain a lot of chemicals that could cause your skin a higher degree of harm. Instead, you can opt for a coffee scrub that you can make with ½ sugar cup, ½ ground coffee cup, 12/ organic coconut oil cup and 1 ½ ground cinnamon tablespoon.

Combine all the ingredients and mix until you achieve a paste. For about 8 minutes during the morning, use the paste to scrub affected area gently.

Ensure that you store the paste in a container that is airtight so that it does not lose it properly. Another way to naturally get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bums is the use of sugar. This is because sugar has glycolic acid that has the ability to stimulate skin so that you get a glowing, fresher and younger skin.

Furthermore, the small sugar particles can help you get rid of skin cells that are dead making sugar an agent for exfoliation. For this option, you will require lemon juice, 1 sugar tablespoon, and almond oil. You will have to mix all these ingredients together and stir for six minutes.

Use the mixture to gently scrub areas where you are experiencing stretch marks for ten minutes, before using water to wash it off.

Other options to on how to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and bums fast and naturally include:

  • eggs,
  • shea butter homemade cream,
  • olive oil, and
  • castor oil.


Best Creams & Lotions to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Thighs and Bums

It is possible to get some creams and lotions from the Internet that can go a long way to help you clear stretch marks from your thighs and bums. The creams have been specially made with ingredients that have active properties for clearing off stretch marks within the shortest possible time. Some of such creams and lotions include:

  1. ReduxCell Belly Cream for Fat Burning: With the cream, it is possible to burn fat off the bum, thighs, and belly. It also helps in tightening the skin, thereby helping to eliminate stretch marks and cellulite in the process. The product is great for those who want to remove stretch marks and burn fats at the same time.
  2. Majesty Coffee Scrub Pure Arabica: If you want to get rid of your stretch marks very quickly, then you can count on this product. In addition to clearing stretch marks, it can help you clear a number of other skin defects such as varicose veins, age spots, eczema, reduce spider vein looks, cellulite, and acne.
  3. Body Merry Lime and Green Tea Cellulite Cream: The product is made from organic cocoa butter and natural caffeine both of which have very effective stretch marks removing characteristics. It is also a great product for toning and firming of the skin.


Other Alternative to cover Stretch Marks

There are a number of other alternatives that will not cure your stretch mark but can at least help you cover them up during a beach party or other events if you are majorly concerned about people not seeing your stretch marks. This could come in handy while you are still treating or if the date is too urgent that there is nothing you can do to significantly get rid of the stretch marks within a day or two. Note that this option is not for treatment but just to cover them temporarily. These options include:

  • Water-proof make up: You can use a water-proof make up to camouflage the areas where you have stretch marks so that they are not visible. That way, you can appear in your tiny swimsuit, swim and engage in all other water activities and still retain all your dignity or even improve them by giving the impression that you have great skin all around with no trace of stretch mark.
  • Tanning Solutions: You can get tanning solutions from a pharmacy that you can use for hiding your stretch marks. Even though stretch marks are difficult to tan, with patience and the right quantity, you will be able to achieve something great.
  • Wearing Shorts: Since the stretch marks are just on your thighs and bum, you can easily hide them by wearing boy shorts. The boy shorts should not really limit you from engaging in swimming or other water sports if you want to. Considering the fashionable look of boy shorts, it should not cause a lot of notice or questions about why you are not in a swimsuit.
  • Jeans: You can opt for wearing your jeans and a top. In this case, you would have decided to completely excuse yourself from every form of water-related activities. So you will just be on the side-lines watching others.


What not to do when you are Trying to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

If you are trying out different ways of getting rid of stretch marks on the bum and thighs, there are some things you should not do. Some of them include:

  • Quickly losing weight with the aim of trying to get rid of fat.
  • Not eating a balanced diet or properly as dieting plays a very important role in stretch marks formation and removal.
  • Being in too much of a hurry as this could result in continuously changing creams every few days when it seems that there is no result. This could lead to using a cream your body will react to along the line that will worsen issues.



Your beach party should not be ruined or avoided just because you have stretch marks. There is a wide range of options that you can opt for. Prominent among them include home remedies, treatments and using clothes that will cover up the marks during the cause of the event.

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