How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Boobs With Creams

What are Stretch Markets?

Stretch marks are those streaks or stripes which occur in the skin. It can occur in both boys and girls, but stretch marks on the breast can occur only on women. It does not occur on men. For girls, it can be considered as part of the puberty stage of growth. This kind of stretch mark is considered normal as it can manifest in most women. It can occur on the breast and other parts of the body. It can manifest in different colors such as red, purple as well as pinkish color. Over time they can turn whiter or paler color.

Stretch marks on breast causes:

Several factors are responsible for the stretch marks on the breasts. As pointed out above, it is a natural form of puberty for women, and even some men. Hormonal changes are responsible for breasts marks. With the increase in the breast tissue, it can lead to breast stretching. As the breasts develop, the skin can begin to thin and this can lead to stretch marks on the breast. It is possible that the marks can be extended to other parts of the body such as butt, hips, as well as thighs and so on. The most important thing is that it should be considered as part of puberty.

Breast stretch marks during pregnancy

Another cause is pregnancy. When pregnancy reaches six weeks, the breast will begin to increase in size. This is because of the increase in the estrogen and this can trigger breast growth. Milk ducts are responsible for the increase in breast size. Breast increase will also lead to the thinning of the skin, which can result in stretch marks on the breast.


Weight Gain or Weight Loss Can Cause Stretch Marks

It can also occur in women when there is weight gain or weight loss. When one increases in weight, it can lead to a corresponding increase in breast size. As the breasts increase in size, it would be associated with breast marks. When there is a weight loss, it can lead to a decrease in breast fat tissue. It can also cause marks on the breast. When there is weight loss, there would be a loss in estrogen. This means that breasts elasticity would reduce.


Cosmetic surgery

Augmentation and breast implants can lead to that problem. If you add implants or you reposition the breast tissue, it can result in such stretch marks. This kind of marks is pronounced on women undergoing breast implants.


Genetic factor

It can be inherited. If parents especially mothers have the stretch marks, it is possible that daughters or granddaughters can inherit it.

There are some underlying conditions that can cause that problem. Some of such conditions are adrenal and cushioning syndrome. There are instances where treatment can result in stretch marks. Treatment for such conditions like autoimmune diseases and asthma can result in stretch marks on some parts of the body like the breast.

When the rate of collagen formation in the body is affected, it can result in such a mark. For instances, diabetic patients can suffer from such marks.


Why do I have stretch marks on my breasts?

As the girl matures to puberty, it can trigger some hormones, especially those that result in the rapid growth of the breast tissue. Any girl suffering from that condition should consider it as part of the puberty development, especially when they develop it at the ages of 13, 14, 15 and so on. As the breast begins to grown, it will thin the skin and this leads to stretch marks on that part of the body.


Stretch marks on breast and pregnancy?

Definitely stretch marks can be part of pregnancy. These marks can occur in different parts of the body such as the breast, abdomen, buttocks, lower back as well as hips and thighs. It is part of pregnancy because milk duct can increase the breast size which results in breasts thinning and finally the mark.


Is it normal to have stretch marks on your breasts at 13?

When a girl reaches puberty, which in most cases is within the age of 12 to 13 years, the breast will begin to develop. When that happens the skin in that part of the body would be affected by the increase in estrogen. The skin within that part of the body would thin and this result in the stretch and the mark can be noticed. It is part of puberty development in girls and it should be considered normal.


Stretch marks at 15 and 16 years

Stretch marks at 15 or 16 years are also normal. It is part of the puberty development of women. At the age of 15 or 16, most women would have fully developed breasts, but other factors such as weight gain and weight loss can cause the problem to become manifest.

Stretch marks on the breast and other parts of the body do not go away completely. The sign would always continue to be there. But with the time it would begin to fade. If you do not like the mark, it is possible to remove them. To remove it completely, then a surgical procedure is needed to completely remove it from the system. It could be very expensive to remove those stretch marks permanently from the body. Though it is expensive, it is still possible to remove certain types of marks such as the white stretch marks.

Even if you suffer this mark during the puberty stage, it can still be there because the mark will be seen. However, there are ways you can minimize the appearance to make it look minor.

The truth is that there are ways of getting rid of these marks from the breast. Instead of taking to the expensive medical procedure, it could be better to opt for the cheaper natural methods. You can still achieve the same results.


Types of stretch marks

There are different types of stretch marks. They can be differentiated by their color and their causes. Generally, there are three categories and they include striae gravidarum, striae nigrae, as well as striae caerulea. The first one is associated with pregnancy. The second one is striae nigrae. It is also known as black stretch marks. Usually, this can be found in people with a darker complexion. Sometimes it can be dark grey in color. The third type is the striae caerulea. It is darker blue in color. It is also purplish. You can see this type among people of darker complexion.

Apart from the origin or causes, it is also convenient for some people to classify these marks on their colors. Red or purple is another type of marks. While some people regard it as red, some others prefer to call it purple stretch marks. This type is fairly new. In most cases, it does not exist for more than one year. When it is older, the color could begin to change and it can turn to a white or silvery color. Red or purple colors are the earliest ones and it is easier to treat this kind than other types of stretch marks. It heals faster for the reason that the skin is in the healing process as the incident is newer. Stretch marks can be differentiated by their color and the formation stages. As the form, the color is red and when it matures the color would begin to change. Depending on the complexion of the individual, the differences can be determined by the body complexion of the individual.

  • Red stretch marks are one type of stretch mark on the breast, and it is found among girls of the puberty stage. This type can also appear when you gain weight. Apart from appearing on the breast, it is possible that it can appear on the parts of the body such as the arms, stomach as well as the legs. Apart from puberty, you discover that women can get them through pregnancy. When it forms it would be red, and it would later transform to purple or red. With time, the color would begin to lighten.
  • White stretch marks would occur as the body gets matured and older. When this type of mark appears, it would be difficult for it to go away. However, with time, it will become smoother. With time also, this kind of mark could turn to silver color. There are several causes of this type of mark, it includes collagen remodeling and inflammation. These can result in the loss of pigment, which naturally changes the red stretch marks to become white color.
  • Black stretch marks are another type and it can be transformed into that color. You can see this type of mark on darker or black individuals. These are the major types and whether they occur in the breast or any other part of the body, they have the same symptoms and they can be treated almost the same way.

Stretch marks on the breast in most cases are caused by puberty and pregnancy. It involved the expansion of the skin on that part of the body. When the body expands as a result of weight gain, it is natural that every part of the body including the breast will expand as well. Expansion is associated with growth. When girls grow to the age of puberty, the breast will develop, and the mark could occur in that part of the body. It is natural for most women. Only a few women do not experience that natural body transformation.

It may unnatural for such marks to form when one loses weight, the reality is that it occurs because of the fluctuation between weight and the loss of collagen. This can result in this kind of mark.


Who is at risk?

Breast stretch marks can occur in women. Once you are a woman, you are at risk of it. Once you grow to puberty stage, the likelihood of its formation would be there.

Furthermore, if you are a Caucasian, which means that you have a pale color, you are at risk of developing that mark in that part of the body.

Moreover, if you come from a family with a history of it, chances are there that you might develop that mark.

For women, once you are pregnant, chances are also there that you can develop it in the breast area.

Research has also shown that those women who have a history of always delivering twins or large babies can develop this problem.

Moreover, those who are overweight or obese can develop it.

If you were overweight and you have a dramatic weight loss, the scars would be in the body and it can lead to that mark on the breast area.


Diagnosing stretch marks on the breast

Before you begin to treat this problem, you have to understand the cause. Your medical doctor can assist in getting a proper diagnosis for that problem. Your doctor has to start to review the likely cause of that problem and that includes studying your medical history. Though there might not be any adverse health issues associated with that condition, it does not look attractive.

Most of the write up so far concentrated on women. It is because women form breasts and men do not have breasts, which means that breast stretch mark is not common amongst men. Stretch marks generally can form in men just as it is formed in women. In the case of men, it occurs in other parts of the body that is not the breast.


Are the stretch marks permanent?

It depends on the individual and the type of stretch marks. The way the body can handle it is also hereditary. It would fade with time, but the body would never return to its original color. In some cases, the body should be able to return to the original color, but it would not be identical to the original body skin. However, the best way to make the thing to return to the original color is through medication. When it comes to medication, there are natural and non-natural medications.


Natural ways of treating stretch marks on the breast

There are lots of ways of dealing with the problem. As said earlier, the most effective way remains the natural method. Here are some of the ways of treating the problem:


Massage is recommended because it is scientifically proven to be efficient. Many people see it as the best way of dealing with that problem. When you apply it, but it can reduce the stretch marks on the breast, there is no evidence that it can cure it permanently.


This is another effective way of dealing with the problem. Whether you want to apply a natural or artificial method, it is necessary that the body is hydrated. Without it, it is not going to cure easily.

The fact remains that curing that problem through natural method is possible, but it cannot be cured completely. Before it can be cured completely, there must be some form of medical applications.

When the marks occur, it results in scarring. The type of scar that forms determine whether it can be cured, or it cannot be cured. It is likely going to fade but that does not mean that the scar will heal. There are some remedies, which can reduce the visibility of the mark. If you apply some medications, it is possible that it can fade easily.


What are the best stretch marks cream on the market?

There are different kinds of products that are meant to restore the original body color. Some of them are available at a reputable market.

  1. Glow organics butter

  1. Trilastin maternity mark prevention product

  1. Earth Mama belly butter

  1. Burt’s Bees Mama bee product

  2. Palma Cocoa massage product

  3. Basq Stretch mark butter

  4. Botanic tree stretch mark

  5. Bio oil specialist skincare oil

Stretch marks are considered as natural and because of that, one should not expect that the mark would fade away easily. One of the medications that are designed to treat the condition is Bio Oil. The product is formulated to enhance the appearance. It can only enhance, but it would not remove it completely.

It has to be massaged and applied to the area the stretch marks appear. You can apply this twice and you can do that for three months. When you apply it, your body skill appearance will improve, and it would make your skin to be even again.

It is not possible to tell the best cream for stretch marks on the breast. One of them is the retinoid cream. This product is derived from Vitamin A. It is derived from vitamin A and retinoids. Generally, it is derived from tretinoin such as Retin-A, Renova as well as Avita. When you apply these creams to the body, it is going to be effective because it is going to improve the appearance of that stretch marks. Some of them are designed to deal with collagen, as they can rebuild it. These would make your body look normal again.


Cure for Stretch Marks

Several kinds of products such as oils, creams, and topical preparations can help cure that condition. There is no concrete medical or scientific research that confirms that they can cure it. However, these products can reduce the scars and the body could be restored. The evidence of it would be there, but it would not be pronounced. They can reduce the appearance of such marks on the body.

Topical treatments are those formulations which contain active natural ingredients which could not have a harmful effect on the skin. The most important thing is that there should be an application of products that can reduce the marks. So far, there is no natural formulation that can remove that mark completely. If you want to remove that mark completely from the breast and other parts of the body, then you can consider a surgical procedure. The surgical procedure can remove the scars on the body. However, there are risks that are associated with surgical procedure.


How to Prevent stretch marks on the breast during pregnancy?

Since it is not easy to remove these marks permanently from the body, it could be better if it is prevented from forming. Here are the steps you can take to prevent these marks from occurring in the breast and other parts of the body. You to avoid all those things that lead to the formation of that mark on the body.

  • Ensure that you maintain a healthy weight. Research has shown that overweight is a risk factor.
  • Secondly, you must be mindful of your diet. Eat only natural foods that do not add to excess weight. Do not engage in yo-yo dieting.
  • Ensure that you consume a balanced diet. Such foods should be rich in minerals and vitamins. Such vitamins like Vitamin A and C should be consumed often. They are supportive of the skin.
  • Drink enough quantities of water, this will ensure proper body hydration.



Stretch marks on the breast or other parts of the body are unsightly. There is no permanent natural cure to the problem, but there are products that reduce the appearance.

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