How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in a Week

If you are wondering how to get rid of stretch marks in a week, there are a number of available treatment options that promise to get rid of your stretch marks within a week, especially when they are not old. This isn’t to say that you can totally get rid of stretch marks within a week, because there is no proof of these claims.

Our body houses all our internal organs is the part of us other people can see as well as the part of the body that get exposed to some risks based on our physical activities.

Several blights could come up on the skin due to injuries, exposure to the sun as well as exposure to other substances among others. One of such blights is stretch marks.

Considering that everybody wants to look beautiful and as close to perfect as possible, it is often a very unwelcome development when stretch marks are noticed on the body. This is also why a lot of people are always searching for how to get rid of stretch marks in a week as they want to clear it within the shortest possible time.

This article will consider the following topics:

  • What Stretch Marks are?
  • Where can Stretch Marks Appear on the Body?
  • What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?
  • Why Do People Hate to Have Stretch Marks?
  • How to Prevent Stretch Marks?
  • Is it Possible to get rid of Stretch marks within a week?
  • What are the Treatment Options for Stretch Marks?


What are Stretch Marks?

Will Losing Weight Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally?Another name for stretch mark is Striae. It is a dermatological issue that results in scars forming on the surface of the skin. With time, such scars often become less prominent and lighter. However, they could subsequently create a permanent ugly looking feature on the skin. Stretch marks are not a reason to panic and do not portend any type of danger to you as an individual. It is also not communicable, thus, there is no way you can transfer it to your loved ones through contact. The only exception is if it is genetic, that it could be inherited by your kids. At first, stretch marks might appear as reddish or purplish lines. They subsequently get lighter as they fade but create a softer skin texture in the region with the stretch marks.


Where can Stretch Marks Appear on the Body?

Stretch marks can appear on virtually any part of the body. The implication is that you could have stretch marks on your face, arms, thighs, legs, or even in the parts of your body that are always covered or more intimate such as your breasts and your buttocks. They appear more prominently in areas where large fat storage can occur such as the arms, thighs, breast, and abdomen.


What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

It is important to know the causes of stretch marks before delving into how to get rid of stretch marks in a week. Knowing the causes could contribute significantly to knowing how to prevent it. Several factors could cause stretch marks. Everybody is at risk of having stretch marks including kids and adults alike. However, the older a person gets, the more at risk the individual will be to getting stretch marks. Some of the prominent factors that cause stretch marks are discussed subsequently.

  • Genetic Factors: A major cause of stretch marks is genetic factors. There are instances where some inherited defects could make a person more prone to developing stretch marks. This is especially in families where they have fat in their genes. The more fat an individual has, the more at risk the person is at getting stretch marks.
  • Hormones: Glucocorticoid is the hormone that is responsible for stretch marks. When an individual inherits such hormones or develops the hormones due to other factors as discussed in this segment, they will be at risk of stretch marks.
  • Growth Process: The growth process is another factor that can be responsible for stretch marks. Growth often implies an increase in height and overall size. The process of increasing in size could result in stretching the skin that could cause stretch marks. However, a person will most likely have a stretch mark if he suddenly reduces in size due to the excess skin.
  • Medications: There are some medications whose side effects include having stretch marks.
  • Absence of Specific Nutrients. The absence or inadequacy of some specific nutrients that are beneficial to the skin such as protein could lead to stretch marks.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is another major cause of stretch marks. Pregnancy causes a significant increase in the weight of every woman, especially in the tummy. Stretch marks are thus commonly noticed in pregnant women whose skin have to stretch to accommodate the baby and after birth, where the skin could take months to go back to its normal shape.


Why Do People Hate to Have Stretch Marks?

Considering that stretch marks do not have any health or other dangers to an individual, it is still a major problem that a lot of people want to get rid of as soon as possible. This is because it often reduces the beauty of the individual who has it. Furthermore, it could also be an embarrassing sight coupled with the fact that family, friends, peers, and strangers could make snide and hurtful remarks about an individual’s stretch marks.


How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Emu Oil for Stretch MarksThere are several ways that the risk of having stretch marks could be managed. Prominent among the ways you can prevent stretch marks include:

  • Avoiding Rapid Loss or Gain of Weight: Rapidly losing or gaining weight is the major cause of getting stretch marks. Thus, once you can try to avoid a scenario where you rapidly gain or lose weight, chances are that you will not have to worry about getting stretch marks. Thus, always maintain your feeding and level of exercise. If for any reason, you decide to lose some weight, you should go-to options that will allow you to slowly and steadily lose weight over some time, compared to those that will help you lose a lot of weight within a very few minutes.
  • Good Moisturizers: Applying good moisturizers on the body helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Thus, it will be very easy for your skin to adjust when you lose weight or gain weight. However, when the skin has poor elasticity, it can result to stretch marks as the body attempts to cope with weight gain or weight loss.
  • Applying Anti-Stretch Mark Creams During Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a dream most ladies and couples have during the cause of their lives. Thus, even the risk of stretch marks will not discourage them from enjoying this phenomenon and the joy of the new child that comes with it. However, it is possible to enjoy your pregnancy and still stay free of stretch marks by using anti-stretch mark creams. The stretch mark creams will not have any effect on you or your baby, once you use a good one.


Some nice anti-stretch mark creams for pregnant women are listed below.

Massage Oil for Anti-Stretch Marks: The massage oil has the ability to improve the skin and eliminate stretch marks by targeting fat tissues that are unwanted. Another unique capability of the product is its ability to penetrate the skin 6 times more than most other creams that treat stretch mark, leading to very fast results. It is made from only natural ingredients implying that virtually everybody should be able to use it without side effects.

Nursing and Pregnancy Prevention Cream for Stretch Mark: The product is a Doctor formulated cream for preventing stretch marks in pregnant women. It is specifically made for pregnant and nursing mothers, using the best ingredients that can help them deal with old and new stretch marks on their tummy.

Best Old Scars Removal Cream: The cream is made from coconut and Sheabutter. It is a good moisturizer for dry skin making it very effective for preventing stretch marks in pregnant women. Its moisturizing effects boosts skin elasticity, thereby helping the skin to expand with no stretch marks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to get rid of Stretch Marks within a Week?

The answer to this question is no. But with time, patience and consistency, your skin will be perfectly flawless. All you need to do is explore one of the available treatment options and stick to it.

What are the Treatment Options for Stretch Marks?

If you already have stretch marks on your body, here are some options on how to get rid of stretch marks fast in a week.

Endermologie: This is a situation where sandblasting of the skin in addition to a deep massage type is carried out on the body for the removal of stretch marks.

Laser Treatment: Laser Treatment is another effective method for the removal of stretch marks. The results are also impressive and fast.

Lotions and Creams: These are very comfortable and easy ways of getting rid of stretch marks. You just need to get the right lotions and creams, which you have to apply as prescribed. There are some such lotions and creams that you could continue to use permanently. This will help to ensure that you don’t contact stretch marks again.


Thus, the lotions suggested below are great for people who are looking for how to get rid of red stretch marks in a week or how to get rid of old stretch marks in a week.


Best Face Scar Cream: The best face scar cream was produced by Honeydew. It is targeted at removing stretch marks from the face within the shortest possible time. This is considering the face is one of the worst cases you can have stretch marks since you can’t really cover them. It also serves an additional benefit of anti-aging.

Coconut and Caffeine Cellulite Cream: This product has been proven to be a very effective cure for stretch marks. It combines the anti-stretch mark properties of both caffeine and coconut making it a very powerful product. It is also a body tightening and firming cream as well as offer ultraviolet rays protection and reversal of damage from ultraviolet rays.

Coconut Oil Scars and Stretchmarks Body Butter: The product is designed to help both women and men to get rid of stretch marks and other types of scars that they might have. It also contains Vitamin E that aids in the tightening of the skin. The product also serves as a great moisturizer and has anti-aging properties.

Home Remedies: Several home remedies have been tipped for the removal of stretch marks. Prominent among such home remedies include massaging with cocoa butter, olive oil, almond oil, and Vitamins E to make them fade very quickly.



Stretch marks is a skin condition that a lot of people are scared of experiencing. However, it is a very common feature on the skin of many people due to their diet and other activities.

Despite how difficult it might seem to escape from stretch marks, it could be easily managed and avoided with the right techniques which include eating well, using moisturizers and anti-stretch mark creams.

If you already have stretch marks, surgery, laser, lotions, and creams as well as home remedies are the answer to how to get rid of stretch marks.

While it is almost impossible to get rid of stretch marks in a week, the options mentioned will put you on the path towards actively getting rid of your stretch marks over a couple of weeks.

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