How Long Do You Need Baby Gates for?

With a toddler in your home, you should ensure you have provided adequate care for your kid always to ensure they are not involved in any accident that may lead to fracture. Use of baby gates is one of the best methods to control the movements of your baby hence preventing falling on stairs among other places that injure a child. However, there are quite a number of factors that will influence the effectiveness of a baby gate hence leading to the removal of the baby gate, some discussed below.

What the Age limit.

Some parents have never understood the merits and demerits of a baby gate, simply because they have never understood how long one may need baby gates. Basically, a baby gate should be installed once a child starts crawling at the age of about six months; it should be installed to limit the areas a child can access. The gate should remain in place until the age of about two years when the child can comfortably open the gate or when the chin of the child can reach the top of the gate. The gate should also be removed if you note that your child can climb over the gate, as this can turn to be more dangerous in case of a fall.

Proper movements and stability.

Once you discover your child can move comfortably and does not fall so often, you should train them on how to move up and down the stairs to give them the freedom of movement as you remove the baby gate. You should let your child know that the stairs are not a play area and no toys should be kept or left on the stairs. You should watch their movement for the first few days to assist and guide where necessary.

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Body size of a child.

Although we have talked of the age of a child, some children may develop quite fast than others, and they may look taller and stronger at the age of one year. If you note they have the strength to attempt climbing the baby gate, you should know that it is the right time to remove the baby gate and teach the child how to walk in different parts of your apartment.

A child who can push a baby gate down is also an indication that the baby gate is no longer effective as a safety tool instead it is posing danger as the child may lean on the gate and roll down the stairs with the gate causing injuries or fracture.

It is an excellent idea to install a baby gate in your apartment for the safety of your child, but always remember when the baby gates are no longer providing security to your child, it may be posing some dangers to the very child and, therefore, should be removed.

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