Growing Pains: How To Get Rid Of Teenage Stretch Marks Fast

When teenagers grow rapidly, they sometimes need to know how to get rid of teenage stretch mark. Teenagers are changing all the time, growing taller and filling out at a rapid rate and that may lead to stomach, back, shoulder, upper arms or inner thigh stretch marks or anywhere skin is stretched due to growth. If you wake up one day and see stretch marks on your body, you may rush to the computer to find out how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.

Skin stretch marks are usually the result of rapid weight gain or loss and for teenagers who are going through serious hormonal changes, this can happen at any time from shooting up several inches to gaining adult hips and breasts for girls. Although there is no instant cure way to how to get rid of teenage stretch mark, there are a lot of things you can do to make them less noticeable. It is important for teenagers to relax, not panic and use only natural moisturizers to reduce stretch skin scars as chemicals are especially harmful to young people. Rest assured that stretch skin marks from teenage growth spurts usually fade quickly.

For Boys: Outgrowing Clothes, Shoes, and Skin?

For boys with striae, it can be embarrassing to ask for advice on how to get rid of teenage stretch mark. On boys, they are commonly found on the lower abdomen, lower back, shoulder or upper arms where skin tends to stretch from quick growth. Stretch marks can be the result of gaining weight quickly due to hormone changes in teens or can also be caused by growth in height. In either case, how to get rid of teenage stretch mark is to care for the skin with natural moisturizers and anti-stretch mark cream, lots of water, exercise, and healthy eating.

For young men, regularly eating a healthy diet and keeping an exercise routine without doing anything drastic is how to get rid of teenage stretch mark. The skin is affected most by dehydration, so drink lots and lots of water – at least 64 oz. a day will help your skin stay healthy, clear and supple. Avoid crash diets, even if you need to lose weight for a sports competition and always avoid steroids, as well as the forced dehydration which is common in wrestling. A healthy body will be able to adapt to the hormone changes of the teen years and heal stretch skin marks quickly.

While the stretch skin scar is still red and raised, there is a much better chance that treatment can be effective. Moisturizing with a cream rich in shea butter, coconut oil or vitamin E oil has proven to be effective in most cases to soften stretch skin scars and reduce their red, raised appearance. Moisturizing the skin, along with diet and exercise, is how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.

For Girls: Your life isn’t over

For girls, striae are common reminders of the drastic changes the body goes through during adolescence. Lots of water, a healthy diet, exercise, toning exercises and the regular application of natural moisturizers are how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.

Teen girls who get a stretch mark on breast from rapidly growing breasts and hips can have a hard time feeling beautiful. Never crash diet or take diet pills! Maintain a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, and lean protein and exercise regularly, including both cardiovascular and toning. Daily crunches, push-ups and squats tone the body and strong muscles improve even the appearance of buttock stretch marks. Remember, a healthy body with healthy skin is how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.

Organic moisturizers containing shea butter, aloe vera, or Vitamin E oil can be effective on fresh, red stretch marks. Taking Vitamin E capsules are also how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.


Teens stretch marks won’t last forever

Any teen who has to stretch skin marks should remember that although they may never go away completely, they can be greatly improved by applying natural moisturizers, drinking lots of water, keeping the body healthy with a diet and exercise routine. Water, toning, moisturizing and vegetables are how to get rid of teenage stretch mark.

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