How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Back Fast Without Surgery

Most people develop stretch marks back and near their lower back because of various reasons such as weight gain or loss or even excessive bodybuilding. It is also due to other controllable factors such as rapid growth or hereditary reasons or even the administration of medicines such as Corticosteroid pills that cause stretch marks to appear unless treated.

 Do you have Stretch marks back and wish to get rid of them?


The stretch marks back the treatment can be natural or even surgical depending on what influences the individual it can be hereditary or even the result of excessive growth and thus the upper layer of skin tears and the tissue becomes susceptible to damage leaving scars and stretch marks behind. The back stretches too much and thus stretch marks back and close to shoulders on the body are left behind and usually happen during the period of growth when the growth of skin is too fast for the individual involved that scars are left behind on the back due to the thinness of the dermis skin which is on top of the epidermis skin.

Stretch marks back but not on the front side of the body appear red in color first and then fade away to become white with time thus they are discolored in nature and are due to tissue rips. Diseases such as Marfan Syndrome also cause stretch marks back on the body due to the tear of the connective tissue and are no longer reliable support for body growth. Stretch marks back and near the lower back on the body also occur due to people who have low amounts of collagen and elastin that should be present in skin for the prevention of stretch marks but for some reason those people are disposed to stretch marks.

According to the medical community, the appearance of stretch marks back is greatly due to glucocorticoids which should be secreted by the adrenal glands to be released during repair times thus it is the deficiency of this hormone that causes the stretch marks to appear. It is also possible during periods of growth the hormone melanin becomes prominent during the stretching of collage and disruption of blood vessels on this part of the skin causing red stretch marks back on the body not close to the shoulders to be left behind.


How to get rid of stretch marks back and on other parts of the body?

Similar to other stretched skin marks stretch marks back on the body can be easily reduced or removed depending on which form of treatment is employed. They can be treated through the constant application of cocoa butter on the infected areas on the back on a daily basis but they are also not the only ways of reducing stretch marks back on the body not on the upper part.

Others method involve applying home-made butter on the skin or even applying creams and lotions appropriate for the skin loaded with Vitamin E and Shea butter that can reduce the starkness of the stretch marks back on the body. It is always a good idea to massage lotions such as StriVectin-SD into the stretch marks to prevent further skin irritation and even itching which can cause the person with the stretch marks back on the body further skin problems such as swelling and further ghastly stretch marks if left untreated.

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