Best Derma Roller for Stretch Marks Review and Also the Alternatives

There are thousands of remedies for striae such as stretch mark pregnancy cream, laser treatments, and surgery. Each of these solutions has pros and cons. Scientia Derma Roller for stretch marks and Shea butter are amongst the most effective stretch mark treatment options. Scientia Derma Roller, however, is a different treatment for striae compared to Shea butter as it relies on advanced technology to remove stretched skin marks. Shea butter, on the other hand, is a skin moisturizer which is effective as a treatment of striae.

 Derma Roller for Stretch Marks and Also the Alternatives


Scientia Derma Roller for stretch marks is a piece of small equipment used for the treatment of marks through stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin. This medical equipment is quite simple to use and helps prevent and heal existing stretch marks. The Derma Roller for stretch marks is precisely engineered to achieve fast and effective handling at the comfort of your own house. This form of treatment relies on 192 surgical steel micro-needles to open up pores in the skin temporarily and painlessly.

The Derma Roller for stretch marks is thus a good effective treatment because it tricks the body into healing without causing any damage to the skin. The device is simply rolled onto stretch marks continuously for a few minutes. It does not cause any permanent damage as the skin heals itself within a week or so depending on your skin. It is a quick and effective therapy for those unsightly marks. This is what makes the skin stretch mark quickly disappear, the continuous prodding of pores which need to heal up through fast collagen and elastin production. It is crucial to avoid rubbing this area on sensitive parts such as the skin around the eyes, or on neck or back of hands.

Scientia Derma Roller for stretch marks uses micro-needling for the treatment for the stretch mark on the skin which is very similar to micro-dermabrasion and stretch mark laser treatment but much less invasive because it does not use actual medical equipment but a generic one. Further, it is efficient and less costly and most people can afford it. It is also been praised by many customers who have seen an improvement in the appearance of stretch-marks and many have claimed that it has made their stretched skin marks disappear quickly.

The Derma Roller for stretch marks has been used and been testified for by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It can, however, have some side-effects especially for those who have their skin producing enough collagen. The side effects when using Derma Roller is however minimal and will not damage the skin, however, it is effective as a laser treatment but without any discoloration. Using Derma Roller for stretch marks can lead to blood shock and therapy for blood aerosol potential exposure and may lead to potential hyper-pigmentation in extremely rare cases.

Lastly, Shea butter is also another form of treatment for striae that is less invasive than Scientia Derma Roller for stretch marks. It is effective in healing old as well as new stretched skin marks appearing on the skin since it uses natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe, etc. It is however pricy to some and oily and it may only be found online, but probably a good alternative for those who do not like needles.

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