How to Use Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks Treatments Step-By-Steps

Does cocoa butter work for stretch marks? Cocoa butter is always viewed as an excellent healthy substance for stretch mark treatment. Generally, it is a natural home remedy that can be effective in the treatment of stretch marks.

It is also readily available, and pretty much inexpensive as it is always great for reducing stretch marks. However, cocoa butter may not be all that great with stretch mark. But how does cocoa butter work on stretch marks?


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks (Review)

In this post of how to use cocoa butter for stretch marks, you would get to discover the various types of stretch marks cocoa butter can remove. Apart from that, you’d get to understand what stretch mark is.

There are also different types of stretch marks, which you would know. And you would know how cocoa butter cures them.

Cocoa butter is effective in preventing and clearing stretch marks. Be it a new stretch mark or an old one; cocoa butter can handle both.

Whatever the case may be, get a natural cocoa butter, and get rid of stretch marks naturally. Find out more on how to use cocoa butter for stretch mark below.


How does Cocoa butter work on stretch marks?

Cocoa butter is excellent at removing stretch marks. The ingredients in it allow it to penetrate the top layer of the skin. It eventually reaches the dermis where the stretch marks can be removed. This means Cocoa butter and stretch marks are good together.

Cocoa butter is entirely natural. It has no harmful side effects. Cocoa butter can penetrate the skin to repair damaged cells. Cocoa butter is extracted from the Cocoa bean, which is rich in anti-oxidants. Its anti-oxidant is why cocoa butter and stretch marks work well together.

The anti-oxidant help support the immune system and reduce any diseases as well as aging. Anti-oxidant is a necessary ingredient in most stretch mark removal creams. Cocoa butter also has magnesium, which helps supports cell rejuvenation, and its healthy growth.

Cocoa butter and stretch marks go along together because Cocoa butter is completely natural and effective compared to synthetic products.

However, future prevention of stretch marks using Cocoa butter might not be that effective. Cocoa butter is cheap but not cheap enough to be suitable for stretch mark removal. Cocoa butter may address the current problem but may not avoid future stretch marks.

Also, cocoa butter has to be massaged over a long period of weeks or even months to show some healing to stretch marks.


Why Coca butter may not work for stretch marks

Cocoa butter is useful in the short run; however, it is not effective in the longer period. Cocoa butter and stretch marks do not always go along together.

Cocoa butter is more than just useful to some women. Women who have developed allergies to cocoa butter, may not respond positively with cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter stretch mark creams can cause some irritation to women who rely on cocoa butter daily.

Further cocoa butter stretch mark creams are not always harmful to people. They can reduce stretch marks on the skin due to their active ingredients such as magnesium and anti-oxidants, but they do more than just this.

They restore the elasticity of the skin and promote cell reproduction through the production of collagen in the skin. Cocoa butter and stretch marks creams employ this strategy too well since they work on making cocoa butter a primary ingredient of their creams.

A good cocoa butter and stretch marks cream is Dermavisu, which helps tackle stretch marks appearing on the skin by penetrating the skin deeply and not creating any skin rashes and reducing blemishes.

It also has no cheap mineral oils and uses Cocoa butter as its primary active ingredient which works on reducing and preventing all stretch marks.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

So, you probably already know what causes stretch marks. As a woman, especially during pregnancy, the collagen, and how well your skin stretches all contribute to the formation of stretch marks.

Knowing what causes stretch mark is not enough. How to treat stretch mark is what we all want to know. Cocoa butter has been studied extensively, and it turns out to be a great moisturizer.

Take note that there has been no real study that is associated with cocoa butter being a cure to stretch mark.

In fact, cocoa butter does not get to the depth where the stretch mark is formed although you can use cocoa butter to subside the evidence of the stretch marks.

Despite that, cocoa butter can still be used to reduce stretch marks. Applying cocoa butter to the area where the stretch marks are is still effective.

It might take weeks before the stretch marks finally disappear. But the good news is that it would disappear.

  • So, apply about 10 ml of cocoa butter to the area where the stretch marks are. Use it about three times a day for as long as it takes.
  • The cocoa butter moisturizes the stretch marks as it shrinks back to its normal form.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Preventing Stretch Marks

Apart from the use of cocoa butter for treating pregnancy stretch marks, it can be used to prevent it. Still, there has been no real study associated with its effects. Cocoa butter is known to only subside the evidence of the stretch marks.

So, instead of letting the stretch marks out in the first place, you can prevent it. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Knowing your body is always a great advantage. When you know you’re about to get stretch marks, you can prevent it using cocoa butter.

Stretch marks can be passed down through hereditary. So, if you have stretch marks, it’s not completely your fault.

To prevent stretch marks, perhaps due to rapid growth or during pregnancy, one month into the pregnancy, start using cocoa butter.

Massage your abdomen, or wherever the stretch marks are likely to appear with cocoa butter daily. You can also use up to 10 ml up to three times a day.

By doing this, the skin and tissues soften. So, when the tissues and skin starts expanding, it does not form stretch marks. Rather the skin expands smoothly, and the tissues do not cut.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Old Stretch Marks

Old stretch marks are stubborn and are usually difficult to remove from the body. But that should not be so.

On the contrary, stretch marks shouldn’t even be let to become old before dealing with it. After all, there is a natural way to get rid of stretch marks – by using cocoa butter.

Because of how old the stretch marks are, it might take a very long time to get rid of it. But don’t get discouraged. Look on the bright side, as the stretch marks would eventually get off.

When you start using cocoa butter on stretch marks, it would first soften it. It would take a long time before this happens. So, don’t expect a quick result.

When the skin is soft enough, it starts to shrink, and the stretch mark would finally disappear. But like I said before, it would take a very long time because the stretch marks are old.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Scars and Stretch Marks

Just in case you don’t know, cocoa butter can be used to clear scars as well. Although scars are more difficult to remove than stretch marks. Nevertheless, cocoa butter works excellently in making scars less apparent.

Scars are like old stretch marks. Because of how long they have been on your body. In other words, they are tough to remove as well.

Scars could come in different colors, from brown to white or pink. In respective of the color of the scar, cocoa butter is effective in dealing with it.

To remove scar with cocoa butter, apply the cocoa butter to the area where you have the scar. The cocoa butter would soften, and moisturize your skin around that area.

You may have to apply the cocoa butter every day for as long as it takes to disappear. With time, the cocoa butter will smoothen out the texture and tone of the scar. Eventually, the scar will become less noticeable until it finally disappears.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for White Stretch Marks

White stretch marks are different from the regular stretch marks you see on your body. The white stretch marks are often associated with older stretch marks.

When the stretch mark has been on the body for so long, it’s color changes to somewhat whitish or silverish.

White stretch mark is the most stubborn to get rid of stretch marks. Often, white stretch marks are regarded as irremovable. But that isn’t necessarily true.

Cocoa butter can help in removing white stretch marks. Since cocoa butter is natural, it’s expected that it would take a long time before it removes the stretch marks.

Plus the fact that the white stretch marks are stubborn, it would take a while before the body would restructure the broken collagen to rebuild the skin.

So, to use cocoa butter for white stretch mark, apply the cocoa butter to the area three times a day. Continue the process for as long as it takes for the cocoa butter to soften, moisturize, and eventually remove the marks.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Breast Stretch Marks

Breast stretch marks are very common. But it doesn’t mean that you should have stretch marks on your breast. Moreover, having breast stretch marks are not lovely.

In that case, it is easier to prevent breast stretch marks with cocoa butter. Or in another case, you can use cocoa butter to clear breast stretch marks. In both cases, cocoa butter works effectively.

Breast stretch marks can be pinkish, reddish, or purplish, which can be disfiguring. So, to get that nice looking smooth breast you use to have, or you so desire, use cocoa butter daily.

To use cocoa butter for breast stretch marks, apply the cocoa butter to the affected area. And as usual it would soften and moisturize the area until it fades, and you get your even tone back.
Irrespective of the type of stretch mark, or what caused the stretched mark on your breast, cocoa butter is effective at removing it.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks during Pregnancy


So, when you are pregnant, it’s important that you are very careful what you take in and rub on your body. You may be wondering if it is safe to use cocoa butter during pregnancy.

Well, it is completely safe to use cocoa butter during pregnancy, especially if you are beginning to have stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch marks can cause a lot of anxiety because nobody wants to lose their beauty. But you don’t need to go through that phase of your life like that. Cocoa butter can be used to clear stretch mark.

During pregnancy, you can apply cocoa butter to any part of your body where stretch marks are likely to pop up. You can even use the cocoa butter before that time to prevent the stretch mark from appearing.

Apply the cocoa butter, and massage it on your skin. In no time, the cocoa butter will moisturize and then soften your skin. Thereby preventing or clearing stretch marks on your skin.


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks (Before and After)

When using cocoa butter to clear stretch marks, there are signs you’d notice on your body before and after using it.


  • You would have an off-color hue on your skin
  • It could increase as your body increases
  • The area where the stretch mark appears will not be smooth
  • In some cases, it can cause itching and a burning sensation
  • Generally, stretch mark causes emotional trauma


  • The skin becomes more smooth
  • The skin becomes more elastic, and at the same times stronger
  • Your skin would become softer as well
  • You get a clear and radiant skin
  • You will have a better coloration of collagen in the skin
  • It even fades wrinkles in case
  • Improves the overall health of the skin

In conclusion, use cocoa butter to prevent and treat stretch mark. You do not need to use a long list of ingredient for stretch mark. Use a natural product, use cocoa butter for stretch marks.

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