Bio Oil for Face Review: Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects

In this article, we going to discuss Bio Oil for Face Review: Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects that you may find helpful in deciding whether it’s the best stretch marks removal creams or you should opt for other stretch marks removal creams.

The skin is not just our first line of defense against harsh environmental conditions or physical damage it is also a major contributor to our self-esteem especially in a world where great looks may equate to your social status. Since the release of Bio-oil in 2003, it has dominated the market and continues to grow in popularity across nations. This skincare product helps in a number of skin care issues like scars and stretch marks coupled with the benefit of being an awesome moisturizer. Here is all you need to know about this amazing product and what it can do for your skin.


What is bio oil good for?

This amazing skincare product is famous especially among pregnant women simply because it is the number one skincare product in the market for removing and preventing stretch marks. It is also known for its ability to remove scars and has become the go-to product for treating acne.


The truth:

Although Bio-oil is an excellent skincare product in treating stubborn skin issues like scares and stretch marks, it is also very effective in a number of other mild skin care issues. bio-oil is also very effective in treating uneven skin tone, dry skin, wrinkles and makes your skin feel and look very smooth. It can also be used as an anti-aging skin care product that you can apply on your whole body including your face.


How does bio oil work?

Your skin is constantly repairing itself and thereby needs special care to ensure that this process is not impaired. Bio-oil helps your skin to repair itself more efficiently by supplying it with necessary nutrients that act moisture on your skin.


Bio oil Ingredients:

Bio-oil is a combination of the best skincare products especially vitamins and oils used for treating, nourishing and protecting the skin. Some of the ingredients used in the production of bio-oil include

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a well known antioxidant.

As your skin constantly repairs itself the chances of having free radicals which may include dead cells or cells no longer useful to your body increases. These free radicals are a major cause of cancer and premature aging. Bio-oil contains vitamin E which helps your body get rid of these free radicals which will help you stay healthy and look younger. Vitamin E as an ingredient of Bio-oil also keeps Bio-oil from expiring early in place of preservation chemicals that might be reactive to your skin.


  • Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is one of the most essential nutrients needed by your skin. Although you can get vitamin A from food bio-oil ensures that your skin gets enough of this precious vitamin. Vitamin A is formulated by a group of compounds such as retinal retinol and retinoic acid. The type of vitamin A we get from plants includes Beta-carotene and other carotenoids which are converted into retinol form of vitamin A.

These active forms of vitamin A such as; retinal, retinol and retinoic acid helps to stimulate skin cells to develop new skin tissues that form deep layers of the skin. Lack of vitamin A can cause weakened skin and limited tissues growth which can lead to the development of other skin issues such as slow healing of wounds. Retinoids help to regulate melanin formation and thereby preventing uneven skin tone.

Vitamin A also helps to pores to rejuvenate and therefore limiting the skin pores from getting clogged with dead skin cells that may cause bacteria to build up leading to Acne. Bio-oil helps to eliminate breeding ground of bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes which is responsible for causing blemishes and even acne. Vitamin A also helps to clear your skin and prevents pimple formation by ensuring that your skin pores are not clogged with dead cells or oil.


  • Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile oil helps to relieve skin irritations from cracked skin or rashes. This bio-oil ingredient enables you to have smooth and moistened skin all day long. It also promotes the healing of your skin and prevents inflammation of the skin. The scent of the oil also has calming properties that help relives you from stress which favors healthy skin growth.


  • Lavender Oil:

This bio-oil ingredient gives bio oil a therapeutic smell that helps soothe your mind reliving you from stress. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make bio-oil great for smoothing and healing skin irritation or redness caused by the sun. It contains antioxidants which protect your skin against wrinkles, dark aging spots, and fine lines. Lavender oil is also known for its ability to destroy bacteria and fungi which make bio-oil an awesome product for treating acne.


  • Calendula Oil:

Calendula oil is extracted from calendula flowers specially grown for their beauty and for herbal remedies. Calendula oil contains flavonoids and linoleic acid which both help fight inflammation. Calendula is used by tradition in creams and lotions to relieve muscle spasms. Calendula oil also helps stimulate tissue and collagen production thereby helping in faster healing of wounds.


  • Rosemary Oil:

Rosemary oil contains essential nutrients such as iron and calcium that promote healthy growth of skin tissue. It also contains antioxidants that protect your skin against premature aging. It is also known for its antimicrobial properties which help to eliminate unhealthy bacteria that cause infection from your skin. It also makes your skin more resilient by reducing inflammation and healing of micro wounds.


Bio oil Benefits:

  • You can use It to clear stretch marks  – Your skin stretches differently in various parts of your body, for example, the skin on your knuckles can stretch more compared to the skin on your arms. Stretch marks can appear when your skin is forced to stretch faster and rapidly, for example, rapid gaining or losing weight. Stretch marks can take a long time to fade away but using quality skin care products such as the bio-oil speed the recovery process. The combination of vitamin A and Vitamin E in bio-oil speeds up the skin repair process and improves the elasticity of your skin making It resistant to stretch marks.
  • It helps to balance uneven skin tone – Overexposure to the sun can cause sunburns and result in hyperpigmentation. bio-oil Ingredients such as vitamin A and Chamomile oil balances uneven skin tone and protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Bio-oil helps in healing scars – Bio-oil promotes the production of new cells and cell tissues while helping to remove dead cells, this helps to heal and remove scares. It can be used on the face to remove Acne scars due to its healing and anti-inflammation properties.
  • Helps to reduce skin aging: – The major cause of skin aging is the weakening of the collagen and stunted skin elasticity. Bio-oil makes the skin smoother and supplier, therefore, reducing wrinkling and sagging skin.
  • Bio-oil helps to rehydrate the skin – Some creams or body soaps can be too harsh on our skin which may cause our skin to lose moisture. Harsh environmental conditions or seasons can hinder the water retention of our skin. Bio oil helps our skin to stay moisturized and improves the water retention of our skin.


Reasons why you should consider using bio oil over other skincare products

  • It is gentle on the skin and can be used on all skin types
  • It can be easily be combined with your favorite skin care products for increased efficiency
  • Bio oil leaves your skin with an awesome scent that lasts for long
  • You can use Bio-oil as a bath oil
  • It has anti fungi and anti-bacterial properties
  • It combines the most essential products such as vitamins and oils to form an amazing all round skin care product.


Customer Opinion:

The secret to Bio-oils demand and dominance in the market comes from its thousands of happy customers. Here is what some of the verified customers are saying:

  • Merry .K. Lucia says, ‘I started hearing about this product about 6 months ago, I decided to use it on stretch marks and scars recently, about 3 months ago and I have noticed a positive change on my skin. If you use it consistently and apply it about twice every day, you will notice a difference, however, it won’t be effective if you don’t apply regularly!’
  • Rose Ogalaga says, ‘I was looking for a product that I could use during my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I strongly believe that this product worked simply because I didn’t have any stretch marks after the pregnancy.
  • Selina Gonzale says, ‘My friend recommended that I use Bio-oil to treat My acne scars since the product that I was using did not really do much for me.I’ve been using bio-oil for about a month now and I am definitely noticing some positive change on my skin texture. A little goes a long way, I use a very little bit over my face then I combine it with the body lotion that I love. ‘
  • Robert. Ladala says, ‘ I struggled wrinkles and with forehead lines for a long time before I started using this product I had already given up but so many people were raving about this oil, so I decided to give it a try and after about 4 months my wrinkles were gone. This must have for people looking to clear fine lines and wrinkles’
  • James.W.R says, ‘Bio-Oil is the skincare product that I have found on the market that works great for me. I use it like twice a day, morning and at night before going to sleep. The small lines that were on my forehead have disappeared and now my skin is very smooth and seems to be radiant. The results are not immediate you need to be patient, it will take some time for you to notice the difference’
  • According to most customers reviews, it is clear that Bio-oil is very effective in removing stretch marks and moisturizing the skin. Most customers also highlighted that you need to apply it twice a day for the best results, some of them also added that the results do not show immediately so patience and consistency are required in order to achieve results. Apart from the positive reviews in terms of the performance of the oil some of the customers also commented on the scent, some even said they use it on their bodies as perfume.


Bio-oil before and after

Bio-oil before and after

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