How to Remove Breast Stretch Marks Naturally Step-By-Steps

Most women have breast stretch marks which appear on their breasts for reasons apart from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Such as the attainment of puberty which leads to excessive growth and stretching due to the excessive release of Human Growth Hormones causing red marks which turn white with time on women’s breasts. Such Breast stretch marks appear on the breasts for the sole reason that skin is unable to stretch with rapid growth spurts which usually cause tears in the topmost skin layer known as the dermis. These stretch marks are also irreversible and unaesthetic because of the cells inability to replicate during periods of fast weight gain or pregnancy.


Types of Stretch marks:

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Women should become aware of the causes of those breast stretch marks because it can have a direct impact on the type of treatment they can pursue. It can be quite irksome to most women who wish to appear youthful to have stretch marks on their breasts after pregnancy since it is unsightly and unattractive in its appearance. Thus understanding the cause of the stretch mark is vital to reducing it and if possible banishing it through surgical or nonsurgical treatment.


Women who wish to reduce breast stretch marks appearing after their pregnancy can resort to applying moisturizers rich in Vitamin E, cocoa butter, collagen-elastin hydrolysates, panthenol, and lanolin and massaging them into the skin on a daily basis which does not guarantee that stretch marks are completely banished but can definitely reduce their visibility. These moisturizers help keep the skin hydrated which helps in rejuvenating dead cells in torn tissues to reawaken those cells in order to maintain their elasticity. The massaging of lotions into skin ensures that skin is properly circulated and blood vessels do not rupture which is what causes the red stretch marks to come about.  In addition to reducing breast stretch marks, pregnant women can prevent them before pregnancy through maintaining a healthy diet and the constant application of moisturizing lotions on their breasts.

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In addition, teenage girls, athletes or other women who have breast stretch marks should apply wheat germ oil, cocoa butter lotions, shea butter or other forms of moisturizers to reduce those stretch marks during rapid weight gain or loss or rapid stretching. They can also prevent breast stretch marks before they appear through the application of moisturizers and the adoption of a controlled healthy diet to prevent fast weight gain or loss.


Other ways of reducing or banishing breast stretch marks that are surgical or require the use of specialized equipment are microdermabrasion and laser treatment. The former uses a piece of specialized equipment to completely eradicate the top cells in order to remove the dead tissue and the second uses a laser to rejuvenate the cells which can successfully eradicate stretch marks over a number of sessions. These methods, however, require a lot of downtimes and thus it may be safer for the patient to eliminate the need for eliminating breast stretch marks before they appear through a good diet, exercising, and hydrating skin.


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