Best Stretch Marks Preventions During Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant, congratulations!

As excited as conceiving can be, and soon, there will come other bodily changes as such skin overstretching during pregnancy and you ought to be proactive and make sure that you can prevent them during pregnancy.

If this is the case, you’re looking for the best stretch marks preventions during pregnancy, am I right?

Are you upset about stretch marks on your skin? Are you feeling like you can’t wear your favorite Crop-Top again, because of the stretch marks? Do you fear to go on the beach on a sunny day wearing your Thigh-High Cut maxi?

Let me tell you all, your above-mentioned fears are baseless and false. Getting stretch marks will not make you an Alien. You should be proud of your stretch marks and wear them as your “Winning Trophy” or “Red-badge”, being a mother. According to research, about 80% of the population is the victim of stretch marks. The reasons can be different, like, weight gain, muscle stretch or puberty.

On the other side, you should be proficient enough to keep yourself maintained and Fresh during and after pregnancy. You can take certain steps to not let these stretch marks affect your beauty.


Introduction to Stretch Marks

“Stretch Marks”, also known as Striae, isn’t the name of any disease or abnormality. It is just the loosing and tightening of your skin. You can see the stretch marks appearing as thin purple or pinkish lines on the skin. Later, they change their texture and color. The pregnant fellas can see these marks on their belly, thigh or chest in around 5th or 6th month. Some can get a little earlier and some later.

Let me tell you little medical logic behind stretch marks in pregnancy. Both men and women can get Stretch marks at different stages of life due to different reasons. But this is most associated with the pregnancy. Fibroblasts, in the body, reduce their effectiveness and activity, due to pregnancy hormones Cortisol and Estrogen. This results in the reduction of Elastin and Collagen, eventually leading to loss of stretchiness in your skin. The most affected parts of your body are growing belly, chest and thighs.

These hormones and changes are necessary for the inside of the body to give birth to a little angel. But, you can take various precautionary measures, using different home-made and available in market products. Now let’s discuss some superb ways to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.


8 Best Stretch Marks Preventions during Pregnancy

The best of the best thing is to start treating these stretch marks seriously even before they appear. Once you got the good news, then make up your mind, that stretch mark is a necessary thing you will face in the coming 9 months. Then why not to start taking precautions using following tricks to reduce these stretch marks to the best possible extent!


1. Eat a healthy diet!

Stretch marks are basically the result of gaining rapid weight, Of course, you can’t escape from gaining weight. But, you can maintain yourself within the healthy and gradual limits with a balanced diet. The health of the mother and baby are all dependent on the healthy diet at first hand. If there will be any deficiency in a healthy diet, then its bad effects will be on both. Hence, take a balanced diet, which should have:

  • Plenty of Water
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole grains (Bread and Oatmeal)
  • Take Proteins from Chicken and beans
  • Don’t forget to take an egg a day
  • Necessary Vitamin and Protein Medicines to have a good amount of Folic Acid
  • Stay a little away from sweets and sugars, most likely women feel nausea due to these


2. Hydrate your skin

Hydration is that thing which can keep the stretch marks away not only in pregnancy but in other conditions, too. So, it is advised to keep your skin hydrated. Use any good quality moisturizer to hydrate your skin at least twice a day. This will not only help you in the prevention of stretch marks but also you will feel easy and relax.

Keep in mind to massage your skin in an upward direction while applying moisturizer. Another important thing is usually women experience some kind of allergies in pregnancy, which otherwise they don’t have. So, it is advisable to use less or non-fragmented products.


3. Stretch Marks Creams or Oils (Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy)

You can find many varieties and flavors of stretch mark creams or oils. Before, buying any of them, do a little research online.

You can find the reviews online, of the mothers who used them. It is suggested that use products that have some natural ingredients, like, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil or Argon Oil. These natural ingredients work best ion keeping your skin smooth, hydrated and silk, by improving skin’s elasticity.

Here the Best Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy

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4. Exfoliate the Expected Stretch Mark Areas

Exfoliating the likely areas for stretched marks will let you gain the best results of the stretch marks Oils and Creams. Exfoliation is the process in which the dead cells are removed. This lets the new cells breathe and stay fresh for a longer period. It is advisable to do this at least twice a week.

You can find many natural ingredients, even in your kitchen, which can be used for exfoliation. The most famous and easy to find things are Baking Soda and Witch hazel. These are suitable for all kinds of skins. You can simply make their mixture, adding a little Milk Cream and few drops of rose water. Apply it on the required part and rub gently for a few minutes. It’s best to leave them on the skin for 10-15 minutes and then take a hot-bath (in winter) and Fresh Water-Bath (in summer). The addition of rose petals in your bath-tub and your favorite scented-shower gel will give you an exciting and fresh feeling. This will let go of all the tiredness of pregnancy-ship.


5. Don’t use Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are normally used by the athletes or weight-lifters. These are man-made steroids that let the body gain weight and steadiness in body structure, artificially. If you are an athlete who was using these for a long period, then stop it before you decide to go for Pregnancy. Do consult with your doctor to stop taking Anabolic steroids in a proper way, as stop taking them at once can affect badly.

Mothers who used to take such kind of steroids are severe victims of stretch marks.


6. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Wear Sunscreens

Direct exposure to sunlight will reduce the elastin and collagen in the skin. This will definitely lead towards more stretch marks. If you need to go to sunlight directly, then never forget to wear sunscreen lotions or creams. So use umbrellas or hats to void dehydration, as much as possible. A water-bottle should be “must-have” for you while getting direct exposure to UV rays.


7. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is of course, injurious to health, in any means. It will damage the liver, the lungs, and the respiratory system. If you are pregnant, then your baby cannot be protected from these problems if you are a smoker. So leave it right now, not only for your skin but also for your little upcoming baby.

Smoking reduces the flow of blood in the skin. This will dehydrate the skin. The strength of the skin is already on risk during pregnancy, the addition of smoking will add its part and you will be a high victim of the stretch marks.


8. Exercise

Exercise or Yoga Mat should be your best partner, throughout the amazing 9 months, Exercise or Yoga will not only help you in your mood swings and improve sleeping patterns, but I will also be helpful in giving a Good-Bye to stretch marks. Exercise or Yoga will improve blood circulation, plus you will drink more water. Blood circulation will keep the skin fresh inside and drinking more water will not let you get dehydrated. You also can get rid of swollen ankles and leg pains. There are many exercises available on the internet. Pick up the right one and plan your schedule now.


This discussion can be concluded by saying that getting a complete rid of the stretch marks during pregnancy is near to impossible. The stretch marks may sound scary and in some cases, these are really scary.

We can reduce their severity and appearance to some extent in pregnancy. But you can completely get rid of these after pregnancy via different methods. Naturally, they will start less appearing and turning to silver lines after your baby arrives. This is a completely natural process of getting stretch marks. Just follow the best stretch marks prevention during pregnancy and don’t spend tons of money on expensive treatments.

Nature has given you the glorious title of being a Mom; alongside we also have many less expensive ways to cover our stretch marks to get fresh and shiny skin. You will definitely wear your Crop-Tops and Shorts in all your future life by carrying your baby in a lush Pram.

So, just stop worrying about your beauty and start dreaming and planning for the warm and exciting welcome of a new member of your life. Wish you all the very best time during your pregnancy. Do wonderful planning and enjoy this stage of your life. Be prepared to hug and kiss your baby – a beautiful soul coming out of YOU!

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