Best Stretch Marks Creams 2020 (Reviews)

Are you looking for an in-depth and unbiased guide for Best Stretch Marks Cream Reviews? IF SO, then, here buyer’s guide where pick and compared 10 creams.

Stretch marks occur when there is a rapid weight gain or loss. It is common among women more than they occur in men. several reasons other than weight and pregnancy could be responsible for that. Sometimes it could be as a result of health or genetic problems.

It can manifest in certain parts of the body such as thighs, tummy, arms, as well as the hips and so on. Whatever might be the cause, the best way to do away with it is to apply stretch mark creams.

There are hundreds of such creams on the market. This makes it extremely difficult for many people to make the best choice. To guide you in choosing the right product, the best of such creams are reviewed. Ingredients used in making them as well as the benefits and disadvantages of these best products are provided.

Even if you do not want to use any of the ten products reviewed here, the buying guide provided below would also assist you in making that right decision. Continue reading to discover why these are the best you can buy with money.


The Top Ten Best Stretch Marks Cream in 2020:

1. Stretch Patch Stretch Mark+ High Potency Formula

This model is a lotion infused. The formulation can take care of dense skin, large areas, as well as old stretch marks. It works through heat stimulation. This makes it access the open pores and restore the skin by removing those marks.

It consists of active ingredients that get to the bottom or deepest layer of the human skin. Each pack can consist of 7 patches. Within a short time, you can notice the effectiveness, as it reduces those stretch marks from the body

In addition to that, it is designed to firm the skin, and tone it up. Besides, the formulation is simple to use and it is mess-free. Most importantly, it is comfortable to apply. There are hardly any side effects associated with it, as it is silicone-free. Even if you decide to use it overnight, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

There are at least two great formulations, and they include the formulation for sensitive skin, as well as those meant for normal skin.


How it works

The product is effective, once you apply it to the skin, it begins the action by increasing heat circulation. In doing that it opens the pores making it easy for those ingredients to penetrate the stretch marks.

Furthermore, it can stimulate collagen production. You have to localize that to the area with the scars. If you continue to apply it, it helps by regenerating the skin.

The result can begin to manifest within three weeks of application. Each of the patches should be used for ten hours daily. It is better to expose those ingredients to the part of the body affected by the scars. You can get a better result if you do it that way.

These ingredients are good and they are safe to use. These are FDA approved ingredients.


  • It can reduce or remove stretch marks appearance from the body
  • One can see the result within the first week of application, and the effect can be there for a very long time.
  • The product tones the skin very well
  • It enhances collagen production


  • The formulation is effective but it can slow in its actions


2. Tetyana naturals Advance Scar Removal Cream

This is the best solution for all kinds of scars including the new and old ones. It is a perfect combination of the best herbal and natural ingredients. Because of that, it remains safe to use and you can use it for a long time.

Furthermore, you are going to achieve a perfect result from this as it is known for efficiency. Besides, this product is very powerful when applied to the affected area. There is hardly any other formulation like this model when it comes to nourishing of the skin. Irrespective of the skin type, you are sure of getting the maximum value from this great formulation.

Moreover, the designs make it the most user-friendly. It is lightweight and compact. You can take it anywhere you go. This model is easy and gentle to your skin. In addition, there is no learning curve to it as it is simple to apply.


What kinds of scars can it remove?

This formulation is very effective in removing different kinds of scars and stretch marks in different parts of the body. It can remove such scars resulting from

  • Acne
  • Stretch marks
  • C-sections
  • Surgery scars

It is also effective in removing existing scars and research has equally indicated that it makes it impossible for new scars to manifest. You notice that your skin would be healthy again, looking neat, bright and clear.

No matter the size of the scar, the cream can make a significant impact. When it is large enough that it is could not be removed completely, it can fake the surface and one can hardly notice it.


Chamomilla Recutita extract, camellia japonica extract aloe barbadensis leaf juice.



  • It is gentle and soft to the skin
  • The product repairs and soothes the skin as well
  • It is capable of enhancing the texture as well as the skin elasticity
  • It makes the body firmer and smoother
  • The products would be absorbed into the body fast because it is not greasy


  • The major drawback is not in the area of performance but on the high cost of the product which is above the average.
  • Another drawback is the fact that it contains hyaluronate. This is not safe for pregnant women.


3. Beaux Stretch Mark Cream

It is a fantastic formulation. The cream is to help pregnant women deal with pregnancy inducted stretch marks as well as scars emanating from weight loss or gain and so on. The model is great for everybody including men and women. It is one of the safest in the country. It contains only FDA approved ingredients. These are natural and studies have shown that these ingredients are effective to the body.


Why is it effective?

You can determine the effectiveness of any product by the type of ingredients. This cream features panthenol. It is perfect for those who want to use plant-based skin moisture. Because of that, it can be effective in preventing as well as reducing stretch marks associated with weight and pregnancy.

The greatest benefit of the product is that it is safe for pregnant women. This means that it is not associated with any side effects.

The cream can also enhance the formation of elastin and collagen. Again this is possible because it contains sufficient quantities of vitamins. Moreover, it is formulated for all kinds of stretch marks. When it is applied it spreads very fast, and got absorbed to the body fast as well.

Furthermore, it is a hypoallergenic cream and it is effective for different kinds of skins. It does not feature those vegans that are known to be very cruel. The model is also not greasy. You have a lot of things to gain from the product and absolutely nothing to lose when you use it.



The product is contained three natural ingredients and these include

  • Palmitoyls tripeptide 5
  • Panthenol
  • Botanical extract
  • Marrubium vulgare

Because of these great natural ingredients, the product can deal with any kind of stretch marks. It is meant to fade the look of any of such marks. Furthermore, it has the capacity to improve skin elasticity. When applied, it can do away with skin inflammation as well as external irritation.

If the stretch marks are associated with a weight issue or pregnancy, this formulation is a perfect solution for that. It is very active because of the unique ingredients.

Furthermore, it is safe to use as it does not contain any dangerous ingredients. They were carefully selected and formulated. For instance, research has shown that such ingredients like palmitoyl tripeptide 5 are meant to enhance collagen production. Furthermore, it is capable of improving the density of your skin cells.

To make the skin elastic, it contained panthenol. This belongs to the Vitamin B5 family. It is a wonderful plant-based moisturizer. This would always hydrate the skin. In the same vein, the other ingredient which is the Marrubium vulgare is an extract of the mint family. The presence ensures that the skin does not suffer from inflammation and degradation. It is therefore certain the ingredients were carefully selected to offer the best solution.



  • Great ingredients
  • The product is very effective
  • It is safe to use and does not have negative side effects on the skin
  • Removes all kinds of stretch marks



  • It takes a little time to see the effects


4. ReTone Stretch Mark Removal

The ReTone is a comprehensive formulation. It serves three different purposes at a time and they include body scrubber, body cleanser and most importantly, stretch mark cream. It is a great product, which can become part of your normal routine. At the end of the application, you notice the difference in the skin as it does not only deal with the unwanted marks or scars in the skin, it makes you look younger by rejuvenating the skin, and refreshing the body.


Great ingredients help achieve wonderful results

What makes the difference in this kind of product is the ingredients. The product contains the right combination of ingredients, and that is why it would always deliver the ultimate results. It is going to reduce the stretch mark as well as the size.

It can deal with all kinds of stretch marks especially those caused by such factors like pregnancy

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Rapid muscle gain

Moreover, if there are dark spots in the body, it can reduce them as well as the associated scars.



This contains the most wonderful exfoliating cleanser ingredients such as the following:

  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Water
  • Glycolic Acid
  • DEA Dode Cybensenesulfonate
  • Fragrance
  • Cylbenzenesulfonate
  • Lauramide DEA


There are other great ingredients contained in the formulation and that is why it would always derive wonderful results when applied to the scar or stretch mark spots.

The most important of the cream ingredients are

  • Isopropyl
  • Water
  • Sorbitol
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Glyceryl stearate
  • PEG 40 stearate
  • Hydrolyzed elastin
  • Cetyl ester
  • Caprilyc


5. Borago officinalis seed oil

It is easy to apply the formulation to the body. In doing that, it is important that one sticks to the instructions provided about that. You can achieve a perfect result when you apply this formulation two times daily such as the morning and in the evening hours.


How it works

The products work in two simple steps application. The first step simply involves the application of the body scrubber to the part of the body affected by the problem.

Furthermore, you have to apply it to the affected skin two times daily preferably in the morning hours and in the evening hours.



When it comes to quality, this model is outstanding. This is because of the robust ingredients used to create it.

It is effective in treating stretch marks caused by

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid muscle gain
  • New as well as old stretch marks

It is safe and can be used in all the body zones such as the breasts, the abdomen as well as the buttocks and upper arms.

When you buy this, you are sure of 60 days’ money-back guarantee should have any issue with the product. This is a rare occurrence. You can also ask for a replacement.



  • Money-back guarantee
  • It works for men and women
  • Deals with different kinds of stretch marks
  • The formulation is gentle to the body



  • Some users complain that the price is a bit high


6. StriVectin Advanced Retinol Day Moisturizer

StriVectin is an advanced formulation. It is a great body moisturizer. The product is also smart and performs differently from others. Apart from dealing with scars and stretch marks, it is a great anti-aging product. If your skin is undergoing a transformation, the product is a great way of restoring the skin to the original and more beautiful look.

The outcome is not surprising because it reflects the result of 35 years of intensive research and it uses the most advanced NIA 114 technology. Once you apply it, you notice that it can transform the skin.

It also fights those skin problems that are associated with aging. When you use it, you discover that the skin is going to look younger again.


It deals with skin problems like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Texture problem
  • Sagging skin because of aging
  • When you apply, it restores the skin by making firmer to the body.


How to use

You must apply the product on clean and dry skin. Start with the eye concentrate and follow up with other formulation such as the TL advanced neck cream as well as the sd advanced cream

It is also a medicated formulation. If the skin has turned red because of acne and pimples, this can deal with that problem by returning the skin to the original color. It is possible because of the wonderful ingredients such as salicylic acid which is just 2 percent of that formulation.


Why you need this product

It is a daytime moisturizer. This means that it works best in the daytime. It is a great formulation containing the best elements of retinol as well as spectrum SPF protection.



  • Smoother
  • Firmer
  • Great quality
  • Glowing skin



Not good for oily skin


7. Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter, 4.1 Fl Oz

Mama Mio is another scar removal product. As the name suggests it is effective in the tummy area of the body. It can be used in other parts of the body such as the thighs, hips, as well as the boobs. It is specifically formulated against those marks associated with pregnancy. It is effective because of the wonderful ingredients formulations. It is packed with natural oils such as omega, as well as organic shea butter and so on.

This product has won an award in the past. Because of the effectiveness, it was recognized and awarded the Harper’s Bazaar Best of the Best in the year 2014. The effectiveness is still there.

The formulation is such that it can offer you wonderful protection against all itching tummies and stretch marks.

How to apply it

You have to apply this product twice daily such as the morning and the evening. Apply it below the boobs to the other parts of the stomach. You can extend it to the sides, your back as well as the front including your buttock. Even if you are a nursing mother there is no danger associated with it. The model is safe to use.

The product is super elastic and when you apply it, you would notice the effectiveness of that product. It is formulated to keep you healthy and fit. Because of that, you can extend it to the rest of the body. It does not discriminate against age. once the mark is there, you are safe to apply it. The formulation supplies the skin with the needed moisture and the energy needed for your daily activities.

What are the ingredients

It contains the super ingredients needed by the skin. The major ingredients used in the formulation include:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic avocado oil
  • Organic shea butter


Organic coconut oil is good for the soothing effect. In addition, it contains lauric acid, which is one of the strongest omega. It can assist the skin because it makes it elastic and increases the strength as well.

Avocado oil is also another organic substance used for the preparation. This is good as it is regarded as the best food for the skin. It contains such ingredients like folic acid and the omegas. For the fatty acids needed by the skin, this supplies it. It soothes as well as hydrate the skin.

Shea butter is also great for the healing ability. It forms that protective barrier and locks the moisture inside the skin and help make it elastic.


  • It is safe to use
  • The formulation deals with stretch marks associated with pregnancy
  • It can be used by any woman irrespective of the age
  • It contains one hundred percent natural or organic ingredients
  • The product is free from toxins and parabens


  • Bad smell


8. Amar Botanica Anti-Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are always common among pregnant women as well as nursing mothers. This cream is formulated to treat such marks and other forms of scars on the skin. It is doctor-formulated and that is why it is always approved by medical experts. The product is safe to use because it is free of paraben. It is organic and vegan and offers the skin all the needed nutrients for body nourishment.

The creators of the cream are concerned about the safety of the unborn babies. They know that some of these harmful creams are not good for them because whenever they are applied to the baby, the chemicals find its way to the baby in the womb. To deal with that problem, this wonderful cream was formulated. It can be categorized as one of the best in the industry.

Safety is always the major priority in this kind of product and it is certain that the safety aspect was one hundred percent taking care of by the creators of the cream. These are the purest and the safest ingredients, and because of that, there is absolutely nothing to worry about this product. It is one hundred percent safe to use. The cream does not have any chemical contents, there are no fragrances and nothing like synthetics added.



It was created by a seasoned dermatologist. You can use it without fear. All the ingredients are one hundred percent natural. It features a thick texture and when you apply it, and this melts instantly and penetrates the skin and removes those unwanted scars from the skin surface. It can stay in the skin for enough time and this would make it impossible for the marks to appear. It remains the best for pregnant women.


  • It is formulated with only natural ingredients such as the following
  • Organic shea butter
  • Springwater
  • Vegetable emulsifying wax
  • Bitter almond extract
  • Cold-pressed avocado oil
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Centella Asiatica
  • Gluconolactone
  • Sodium benzoate


All these ingredients are derived from natural sources and that is why they are simple and easy to use.

How to apply

You can apply the cream over the body. Massage in front of the tummy and sides with the cream. Extend it to parts of the body such as the breasts, hips as well as thighs and so on. When you apply it, you notice that it moves to your body. It melts and feeds the body with the needed nutrients. It does away with existing stretch marks and makes it impossible for new ones to emerge.


  • It is developed by experts and recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Removes stretch marks and prevents new ones from forming
  • It is one hundred percent safe and they are formulated from natural resources
  • One hundred percent money-back assured



  • Too thick


9. TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Are you finding it hard to remove those stretch marks out of your body? Then you can try these specialized products, it is right for your condition. If you apply it consistently for three weeks, you notice that these marks would become a thing of the past. It features the most wonderful ingredients needed by the skin such as the hydrothermal accelerator. This immediately opens the skin pores and the ingredients would find its way to the skin and begin to act instantly. Because of that, it tends to be more progressive and faster. It works very fast and it is effective,


About the product

Research has shown that the cream is effective and that within the first 3 weeks of the application you can see the results.

  • It gets faster to the body because it can easily open the pore and admits the nutrients inside the body
  • It is designed with the greatest SDDA and Lipo Trisome technologies.
  • The model is manufactured from a laboratory approved by the FDA
  • You are free to use it because it does not contain any harmful elements.



To determine whether the formulation can be effective, it is good to check at the ingredients.

  • Hydrolyzed Caesalpinia spinose gum
  • Zea mays kernel extract
  • Serrulate fruit extract
  • Chlorella Vulgaris extract


These are the key ingredients and they are all-natural. Because of that, it can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Because they are one hundred percent sourced, it is free of parabens. When you take it, it will hydrate the skin and make it more elastic. In the process, it prevents more marks from forming.

The cream is produced in America. It does not contain any harmful ingredients, and these are natural as they emanate from the natural sources.


  • It can prevent stretch marks in addition to the curing of an existing one
  • The formulation is simple and it remains the most effective
  • It cures itching skin
  • The cream is one hundred percent natural


  • Poor quality

10. Lancs Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment Cream for Pregnancy

Stretch marks can make the skin unsightly and it is caused by lots of factors such as pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and weight lifting and so on. When the mark is there the next thing is to look for the safest way of removing them. One of the best products ever formulated for its removal includes Lancs cream.

It is recommended because of the effectiveness in the treatment of this kind of condition. The cream is effective because of the natural ingredients used in the formulation.

Doctors have always recommended them because research has shown that it is very effective in the treatment of existing marks and this makes it absolutely impossible for new ones to appear.

Furthermore, the formulation is skin-friendly and when you apply it, you notice that it can moisturize the skin and makes it more elastic. In addition to that, it going to prevent the inflammation caused by stress and so on. It makes the skin to look healthy and smoothens the surface.

The formulation is wonderful as it makes your skin to remain soft after use. There is no side effect associated with it as it is one hundred percent natural.

How to use

To achieve the expected result, you ensure that you adhere to the instructions provided. Apply the formulation to the skin including the affected part and massage the body. It should not be used by children and do not expose it to heat.


  • It is one hundred percent effective and not associated with any side effects
  • Created from one hundred percent natural sources
  • Removes stretch marks and ensure that new one does not form
  • Keeps the skin clean and fresh



  • It is not heat friendly

11. Fearless Organic Body Butter for Stretch Marks Prevention

This is another natural formulation. This implies that it uses one hundred percent natural or organic materials. It is aimed at treating stretch marks when they are already there and make new ones difficult to form. Furthermore, the design is such that it keeps the skin hydrated. It contains important vitamins such as Vitamin E. When you apply it according to the prescribed dosage, you can begin to see the wonderful effects within the shortest possible time.

They are formulated with moisturizing ingredients. It is thick and when you apply it, you discover that it is going to penetrate deeply to the skin. The cream is good, it makes the skin stretch, protects the skin as well as heals all kinds of wounds and marks. It is safe to use during pregnancy and you can use it after pregnancy.

Even after pregnancy, you can find it useful because it can rebound your body and make you healthy and strong again.

It contains great ingredients

  • It is organic
  • It does not contain any phthalate
  • The cream is not cruel to the body
  • The formulation is free of gluten and GMO
  • There is no alcoholic content
  • It is formulated and manufactured in FDA approved laboratory in America.



  • It is one hundred percent natural
  • The product is good for pregnant women
  • It refreshes the body and removes all marks
  • The product prevents the formation of marks and hydrates the skin



  • No complaints


Buyer’s Guide: How to pick the best stretch marks cream?

If you want to get the best stretch marks cream, there are some important factors to consider to ensure that you do not make a mistake. Most of the creams are full of chemicals even though they can remove the marks but with a price to be paid by the body.

Here are factors to consider


Are the ingredients natural

The best ingredients that make healthy stretch marks creams are natural. Before you use it, pay special attention to the areas with the list of ingredients and find out whether they are safe. If they are one hundred percent organic, they are safe to use.

Ensure they contain Vitamins

Check whether they contain those natural vitamins the body needs such as Vitamins A, Vitamin D, and E. These are good in healing the skin and they are derived from natural sources. They are nutritious as well. Look for that product that can keep your body moist.

They are suitable for your skin type

Furthermore, you must read further to ensure that they are good for all skin types. If they are not good for all skin types, then you need expert advice before you use it.

Safe for pregnant women

Most importantly, try to find out whether it is safe for pregnant women. After checking all the ingredients, ensure that it does not contain any chemical, gluten, and parabens inside it


Most importantly check the cost. You must make your budget before you opt for any product. In doing that you should not compromise safety and quality.



These are the best stretch marks creams. They are specifically formulated and they are carefully selected for you after considering the efficacy and type of ingredients. These are all-natural and safe. They are good for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Make a choice based on your need and budget. They are good and recommended. You will have true value for your money.

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