Banishing Bodybuilding Stretch Marks


After putting in so much effort to build the dream body the last thing one wants is the dreadful bodybuilding stretch marks. Yes, bodybuilding can cause stretch marks too, it is not just the domain for pregnant ladies or obese people; bodybuilding also attracts stretch marks if proper care is not taken. The logic why bodybuilding stretch marks are formed is that to get a well-sculpted body one needs to add muscle and as a result, the skin is stretched beyond its natural elasticity causing the connective tissue to tear. These tears can be seen in the form of stretch marks.

 Banishing Bodybuilding Stretch Marks


bodybuilding stretch mark removal2 Banishing Bodybuilding Stretch MarksTo avoid getting bodybuilding stretch marks it is imperative to see that the muscular growth is not sudden but gradual giving the skin enough time to expand at a reasonable pace. After all who wants to be seen around with a beautifully sculpted body covered with ugly reddish stretch marks? Specifically, in the case of bodybuilders, the adrenal cortex releases hormones that are similar to steroids in action. These hormones too can cause bodybuilding stretch marks.


The bottom line to prevent bodybuilding stretch marks is to gradually build muscle and keep losing fat simultaneously. This way the skin would get sufficient time to stretch and no tears would occur. Avoid using steroid creams on the muscles too as they are also sometimes responsible for causing bodybuilding stretch marks. When exercising to build the muscles one can also regularly apply creams specially formulated to prevent stretch marks.


These creams are especially nourished with vitamins, collagen, and elastin and can reach the deep layer of the skin. As a result, they nourish the skin, keep it hydrated, improve its elasticity and give adequate support to the connective tissue preventing any bodybuilding stretch marks. These creams are also excellent for cellular regeneration and ensure that the skin recovers faster and does not get permanently scarred.


Remember that with bodybuilding stretch marks it is any day easier to prevent them than to cure them. The problem with stretch marks is that to a very large extent they are permanent in nature; at the most one can lighten them and make them less prominent. For complete removal of bodybuilding stretch marks, one may opt for laser surgery but then it is a very expensive procedure that requires multiple sittings.


For curing bodybuilding stretch marks target the treatment on them when they are still red or purple in color. The white stretch mark is the most difficult to cure as they are quite old and thickened and permanent comparatively. Have a balanced diet to keep the skin nourished. As the intention is to increase muscle and lower the fat of the body eat a protein-rich diet and low fats. Soy foods, cereals, whole grains, milk products, lentils, black olives dark green vegetables, cucumber, etc are some of the foods that would give the skin support to produce more collagen and keep bodybuilding stretch marks away.