Banish all Traces of Stretch Marks on Stomach

Pregnancy brings with itself the unsightly stretch marks on stomach that look ugly and can seriously mar the self-confidence of the woman. Unfortunately, this beautiful life-giving experience brings with it lots of stretch marks on the stomach as the belly grows in size drastically to accommodate the unborn fetus.  Obviously, this stretching of the skin way beyond its natural elasticity causes the connective tissues to tear and cause stretch marks.

 Banish all Traces of Stretch Marks on Stomach


Post-delivery when the woman realizes that wearing a bikini would showcase her ugly stretch marks on stomach she may get deeply distressed and conscious. Even after getting back her curvy figure slipping on the sexy bikini would remain a dream if the stretch marks on the stomach are not done away with. How would it be if one is able to prevent these stretch marks? Obviously, that would simply be ideal as preventing stretch marks is any day simpler and easier than removing stretch marks.


Pregnancy need not be the only reason for having stretch marks on the stomach; a sudden weight gain or weight loss may also cause the skin stretch mark to appear for both men and women. getting rid of stretch marks on stomach Banish all Traces of Stretch Marks on StomachFor men, high alcohol intake, sedentary lifestyle or being a couch potato can be some of the reasons contributing to stretch marks on the stomach. The best way to avoid getting such stretch marks is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet to avoid sudden weight gain or loss. Try to include foods rich in vitamin E, zinc, vitamin C and silica as they would also help in keeping the skin healthy and elastic.

Regular abdominal exercises are also a good way to keep stretch marks on stomach away. Firstly it would tone up the muscles and prevent any tissue breakage and also avoid any accumulation of fat on the abdominal area thereby preventing the formation of stretch marks. If trying to lose weight then take care to lose it gradually; any drastic changes in weight would result in stretch marks on the stomach.

There are numerous creams, lotions and stretch mark oil available in the market that can do an excellent job of keeping stretch marks on stomach away. The anti-stretch mark cream and lotions work at improving the elasticity of the skin so that when it gets stretched the tissues do not break and thereby stretch marks are not formed. The formulations are packed with vitamins, minerals and collagen and elastin that not only keep the skin supple and elastic but also delay aging. Using these stretch marks creams from the first day of the pregnancy is the ideal way to keep stretch marks on stomach away.

Remember that pregnancy may call for eating for two but then the second one for whom the woman is eating is certainly not a sumo wrestler; hence there is no need to go on binge eating. The diet needs to be healthy and not fattening. There is absolutely no need to increase the portions drastically as all the extra food would cause sudden weight gain and the best place for all of it would be the abdomen. As weight gain in pregnancy is unavoidable try to keep the gain to essential weight gain only to have minimum possible stretch marks on the stomach.

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