27 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development, Belly.

The 27th week of pregnancy marks seven months, which is a significant milestone for the mother and child. It’s also the last week of the second trimester and the beginning of the final phase of pregnancy. Congratulations new mom, you have come a long way!

27 weeks of pregnancy symptoms and body changes

You have graciously been carrying the baby for the last six months now and your body has been undergoing significant changes.  Like most women, entering the third trimester, you might be feeling exhausted all the time. The best remedy is to take a lot of naps.

Furthermore, as your uterus continues to grow and put pressure on your upper chest area, you may be experiencing chest pains or shortness of breath. It is normal but talk to your healthcare provider about this issue if you are concerned. You may also be experiencing other noticeable changes like:

Food cravings

At this point, food cravings will be your next best friend. You might want to fight the urge but keep in mind that you only need 300-500 extra calories daily, enough to sustain you and the baby. To keep your food cravings under control, start your day with breakfast every morning. Also, indulge in small balanced meals throughout your day. Also, replace all the sugary foods or salty junk foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you can have a few cheat days once in a while. There is no harm in that.

 Swelling and Edema

You may also be experiencing swelling in your face, neck, hands, feet, ankles, legs, and just about everywhere else. The swelling is known as Edema, and it occurs when fluids build up in body tissues due to increased blood flow and uterine pressure. It affects the large vein on your right side of your body that carries the blood back to the heart from your lower limbs. To solve that, try resting on your left side and relaxing as much as possible to help you cope with this common pregnancy symptom.

Dizziness or faintness

At this stage, you may experience a disorienting feeling of dizziness, vertigo, or unsteadiness, that can make you feel like you’re about to fall. Worry not! It’s a common pregnancy symptom. You can stop the uncomfortable feeling by lying down and elevating your feet as soon as you feel light-headed.


Bleeding gums

You may have noticed that your gums are extra tender, inflamed, sensitive, swollen and even bleeding. It is normal, no need to panic. Remember that your body is experiencing hormonal changes leaving your mouth vulnerable to bacteria and plaque, making your gums tender. It can cause tooth decay or gingivitis in some women if left untreated, which means it’s a good idea to be careful with your oral health during this period. However, the tenderness is likely to go away after delivery.


Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

While you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes, tingling and jittery legs will become a part of you for the next few months. You’ll notice an unusual discomfort tingling, crawling and creeping in your legs, especially when you are trying to rest. It may be due to iron-deficiency, anemia, or a reaction to certain types of foods. The natural remedy would be to try some relaxation techniques or yoga. But if it persists, you should talk to your doctor.


High blood pressure/ gestational diabetes

High blood pressure is somewhat normal during this period. Although, you have nothing to worry about since your doctor will be keeping an eye on you to make sure it’s at normal levels.

On the other hand, you might experience gestational diabetes as a result of hormonal changes which interferes with insulin resistance or production. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your doctor will determine a course of action to monitor and treat your blood sugar.

Abdominal pain

As your baby is growing inside the womb, it’s forcing your body to stretch to create ample room, which means, it’s a common stomach pain. You can also expect bloating and constipation from time to time. As usual, the best remedy is to talk a walk. However, if you experience more severe symptoms like a menstrual cramp, bleeding and intense pelvic pressure you should see your doctor immediately.

27 weeks of pregnancy baby development

Pregnancy on week 27 shows incredible progress in the baby. By this time the baby is now measuring about 14 and a half inches, which is more than a foot long and weighing approximately 2 pounds. Most babies this age, yours included, still like to snuggle in a slightly curled position inside the womb (thus the term “fetal position”).

The child’s standard layers of the retina are now developed. These layers aid in the reception of images and information and can adequately be transmitted to the brain for processing. The baby’s brain is fully functional and develops sleeping and waking patterns.

According to most doctors, this is a normal stage and suggests that you rest whenever the baby is asleep. How will you know he/ she is sleeping? Well, that’s the time the baby is not kicking or jumping. While there is no evidence, experts believe that your baby can dream at this stage. They didn’t expound on what the child would be dreaming about though!

In addition, as the brain tissues continue to develop, the brainstems are now completely mature and control breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. You might also notice your baby having hiccups. Of course, the baby won’t make any noise but you might feel them as flinches or spasms in your belly. It is as a result of inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid

The best part of the whole process, the baby can hear sounds. His hearing development is improving as the network of nerves to the ears matures, though the sounds are not clear because there is a vernix coat covering them. However, it’s a good time to start singing or reading to your little angel.

27 weeks pregnant belly

First of all, as the baby continues to grow and add some weight, so do you! You may have gained approximately 15 to 30 pounds so far.  It’s normal to gain weight. After all, a little human being is growing inside your womb, and you can worry about shedding a few pounds later. Moreover, you should continue to eat healthy food and try light exercising. Healthy weight gain will help you avoid any risk of any complications during pregnancy.

Experts usually advice new moms to enroll for light exercises which will help them relax. Other than that, this is the best time to avoid lifting heavy things or taking part in risky activities.  In case you notice you are also struggling with regular house chores, please ask for help. There is no shame in admitting that you need assistance. Your safety and health are vital.

Secondly, as your belly grows bigger, you might want to adopt a new skincare regime. Invest in some nourishing skin lotion or olive oil to give your tummy more elasticity and minimize stretch marks. Keep hydrating that skin and help it be more resistant to tears. You’ll be glad you did after delivering.

Lastly, you will notice your navel popping. Most belly buttons turn inside out during pregnancies. As uncomfortable as it is to cover that little bulge, you might want to accept it for the next few weeks. Hopefully, it will revert inward after you give birth, but it might be wider and looser than its initial shape. That means you will have to live with it.

Tips for 27 weeks of pregnancies

  • Monitor your heart rate, especially when exercising. Remember your heart is pumping for two, there is no need to put it on too much pressure.
  • Evaluate food that is good for you and the ones that make you bloat. As discussed earlier, this is the stage that frequent gassing is becoming a nuisance. Curb the problem by eating food with less gassy results.
  • It is the right time to join a birthing class. Yes, motherly instincts will kick in, but you need expert tips on how to handle the baby. With a few lessons, you will be able to handle many emergencies all by yourself. For instance, your baby might choke on pieces of food or things that they pick from the ground, with the knowledge you would have acquired, you’ll know what to do immediately.
  • Rest well and often. You and your unborn child need it more.
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated to help flush your body system.
  • Do some exercise to avoid swelling and puffiness all-around your body
  • Lastly, you might want to start buying baby stuff. You need to plan for your unborn child. If you know the sex, the better. But if you want it to be a surprise, you might want to get gender-neutral stuff!

Congratulations mama, you have made to the last week of the second trimester.   Keep going. You’re almost there!

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