22 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development, Expectations

22 weeks of pregnancy: the growth of the baby

When you are pregnant at week 22, your baby’s eyelids remain closed, but the eyes themselves begin to move. Tear ducts are also formed, and your child now has eyebrows – small bouquets of soft white hair. Maybe wear those little eyebrows!

Your child is more sensitive to the external stimuli. When you had an ultrasound scan this week, and there was a loud noise when testing, you can see your baby’s reaction. For example, your child may connect between arms and legs in response to sound.

The brain of your child is developing rapidly, and nerve endings are forming. Now your child has a touch, which means that you can experience this new sensation by hitting part of your body or sucking it. Your child begins to apply layers of brown grease that helps him warm up.


The child reaches a high weight mark.

Guess what? Now that you are pregnant for 22 weeks, your baby’s size is the size of a small doll, and finally, it has exceeded the pound mark. How hard is it? The next time you find yourself at the grocery store, carry a bag containing a pound of sugar (and expect people to ask you why you smile from ear to ear). 11-inch long bag? This is almost the same length as your child.

What is the size of your baby at 22 weeks gestation? It can be about 1 pound and about 7 1/2 inches, from the crown to the deficit.


Twenty-two weeks of pregnancy How many months?

If you are pregnant for 22 weeks, you are pregnant for five months. Only four months left. Have questions? Here is some additional information about how weeks, months and weeks get lost during pregnancy.


Mother’s body at 22 weeks gestation

At 22 weeks, you are pregnant for about six months and are in the middle of the second semester. When the stroke becomes clearer, you may find that more people can say that you are pregnant, which makes this new stage in your life more realistic for you.

As your belly grows, you can fight with your body. On some days, you may love your pregnant body; on other days you may feel embarrassed because of these physical changes and worry that you will never look the same. These feelings are natural and can help you talk with your loved ones or your doctor about what you are going through. Healthy nutrition and regular exercise can help you feel better. For more information, download Pregnancy Weight Tracking.


22 weeks of pregnancy: your symptoms

Heartburn from the stomach. Such a burning sensation in the throat and chest during pregnancy can cause heartburn. Despite the name, heartburn is not related to your heart. Intestinal acidity occurs when stomach acids enter the esophagus. This is very normal during pregnancy, due to some hormones relax a valve, which usually prevents the release of acid. It can help you eat small dishes during the day, stay right after eating and avoid spicy and fried foods. Check with your doctor if you have heartburn.

Hot flashes. Hormonal changes and faster metabolism can cause you to feel warmer and more massive than usual. The best thing you can do is try to calm down, put on loose clothing, drink plenty of water and put on a fan or air conditioner.

Heart of Race Did you know that your heart pumps 30 to 50 percent of your blood now that you are pregnant? This is excellent news — more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your baby through the placenta. For this reason, the heartbeat may be normal during pregnancy. If you also feel shortness of breath or feel your heart beating and not moving, contact your service provider as soon as possible.

Pain in the pelvic area. Pregnancy hormones ease the joints and help them become more flexible. But this flexibility can hurt you. To help, try not to lift heavy objects or stand for a long time. Learn more about pelvic and hip pain.

Abdominal pain or cramps. You may experience slight abdominal cramps or abdominal pain during pregnancy for 22 weeks or at another time during this period. This may be normal — for example, you may have Braxton-Hicks contractions that help your body prepare for childbirth, or you feel that your abdominal muscles and ligaments are expanding with growth. However, if the cramps or pain that you think are strong, or if you are not sure whether you are reasonable or not, consult a doctor.


Pregnancy for 22 weeks is a pleasant trip.

You have to wonder how far twenty-one weeks have passed, and you are now twenty-two weeks pregnant. It seems that time has just slipped. But in fact, it is not. Let me tell you that your entire pregnancy is divided scientifically into three full months. I just completed the first and entered the second — enjoyable trip.

You are lucky enough that you have reached the stage of pregnancy for 22 weeks without any inconvenience. If this time convenient, it was easy for you to pass. But for many women who are sailing in the same boat, the first three months of pregnancy bring a lot of anxiety, illness and unknown changes in behavior and body. For most of them, the morning starts with a feeling of swelling that lasts all day long. In such a case, the abundance of advice abandoned by friends and relatives seems to be more careful in dieting for empty pregnant women. There is a lot of pain, and you can not explain – where? Your physical and mental abilities dull your happiness to become a mother very soon. But do not worry, as soon as the child is in your hands and smiles at you, you will forget everything that happened in different stages of pregnancy. A quiet expression on the child’s face will make you forget the problems and troubles associated with wearing it.

Now, for a 22-week pregnant woman, this is the beginning of the second chapter. You should feel that you and your child have adapted to your body’s changes. But then it’s time to expand the body. The belly will become slightly visible when you and the baby begin to grow at a relatively steady pace. This stage is particularly crucial for the future mother. Expert opinion on this issue will force it to follow the pregnancy path more reasonably. For much-needed information, you can either consult a gynecologist or go to any site that contains information about pregnancy, published by medical practitioners. In the absence of such knowledge, the pregnant mother may be in an awkward position, struggling with changes that occur inside and outside his body.

When you are pregnant at week 22, the baby will start to gain weight. This is a quarter of growth. After a week, you will notice a significant increase in your abdomen. This is because your baby’s weight exceeds a pound, and its length is almost the foot. Besides, the baby will begin to collect all signs that will eventually be reflected during childbirth. Moreover, it is not only the stage of pancreatic growth of the child but also its hormonal production.

In the case of pregnancy for 22 weeks, the uterus will extend much longer than in the previous three months. Moving a child near the Navy and increasing appetite are the symptoms that have emerged this week. However, the public opinion is that the next third of pregnancy will be busier than the first; so wait and see.

Pregnant women 22 weeks in the second trimester. Both mother and child grow at a steady rate. Getting information about what to expect at this stage can give the pregnant woman the confidence she needs at this stage of pregnancy. Fortunately, it is easy to find information about these weeks. For a 22-week pregnant woman, it is fantastic to know all the changes that have occurred to her child. From the first trimester to the present, this child gained weight and gained features that reflect his final state. Children now weigh approximately one pound or more.


In week 22 of pregnancy, a pregnant woman will notice a change in the size of her abdomen. This is not in vain. Not only has her child gained weight but also increased her length. The development process is also in full swing. The baby now has a developing pancreas, which will soon produce its hormones. The inner ear also began to progress well.

Many internal changes occur within this little child. His nerve endings evolved to the extent that he began to practice the art of preparation. These small arms and legs began to mimic what they would normally do outside the uterus.

In the 22nd week of pregnancy, the mother will discover that her womb has extended more than in previous weeks. Now she went further than her navel. Her growing appetite is the reason, mainly to compensate her child. Women at this stage of pregnancy will need an additional 300 to 400 calories per day.

This is the time of adjustment for pregnant women because they face some new problems with discomfort. Many of them suffer from back pain and hiking problems. Back pain can be treated with simple messages or in some cases, a proper stretch. Remember your limitations and choose shorter distances.


22 weeks of pregnancy: what to look for

Ways to relieve stress. During pregnancy, this is normal. However, you and your child will be in a better position if you try to control the level of stress. Of course, it is said that it is easier than to do, but in fact, it can help you develop strategies, such as reducing hours, delegating tasks to others, regular exercise and talking to someone you trust, about your fears and anxieties.

Sex during pregnancy. Sex is usually safe if you have a healthy, normal pregnancy, and when you and your partner are ready for it. Your baby will not suffer – the amniotic sac and uterine muscles protect your baby. You may find that your sexual desire decreases and flows during pregnancy. Some pregnant women have an increased desire to have sex during the first trimester, as energy levels return after the early stage of pregnancy. Some blood cramps or minor cramps after sex may be normal, but if you have severe bleeding or persistent cramps, see your doctor. If you have pregnancy complications – for example, if you have an increased risk of premature birth – your doctor may recommend that you stop having sex during pregnancy. Learn more about sex during pregnancy.

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